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Posted by sick on February 13, 2004, at 19:53:59

I'm on week 3 of withdrawl. I weaned properly and as long as I could afford it. $54 for 15 of the lowest dose pills. I have all the classic symptoms the others are having, in other words, I'm sick. I'm angry. Knowing what I know now, I would not take this drug for a long period of time. I took it for HOT FLASHES. ABOUT 1&1/2 YEARS. It worked for awhile, then it stopped working, I raised the dose, it worked for awhile then quit again. I was on the MAX dose and we lost our med. insurance so I had to go off anyway. Since it quit working, I weaned carefully as I said but I seem to be getting worse instead of better. The "head" thing (twang, snap, crackle and pop!)is getting better but the body is very sick. I have had nausea for days and I'm taking phenegren for that but I would fall over asleep at my computer if I took a whole pill,it makes me too sleepy. And I can't afford to keep buying more drugs to combat the last ones. I had such little benefit from this drug, and a big medical bill and problems to go along with that. AGAIN...DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG IF at all possible. I don't know about the others, but this one is "wicked" and that is the term my doctor used when I told him I thought I was sick for no other reason. It was coming off the Effexor and he said "compared to opiates, it's on a scale of 9, (1-10)." I gained so much weight, I developed type 2 diabetes, now I'm trying to get that under control while I'm sick. I hope it goes away....who can assure me it will? So far not even my doctor. If I am not better within another few weeks, I may see a lawyer. I was NOT informed of these possible side effects, I WAS reluctant to take the drug in the beginning and told the doctor just that. I was in the hospital for a DVT due to birth control pills and the doctor suggested this drug as it was supposed to help hot flashes. That is why I was taking birth control pills. Since I couldn't take any more products with hormones, I tried it even after the reluctance as she told me "why not give it a try, you are in a hospital (safe environment) and maybe it will help the hot flashes." I don't blame her as much as the drug company although she should have warned me if she was aware of the sife effects of withdrawl. If she wasn't informed by the drug company, they could be in big trouble if people continue to have problems. Also, since I was in a hospital, the only information I had was verbal, I was never given anything to read so I had no clue. EDUCATE YOURSELF AND RESEARCH...




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