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Re: Lexapro side-effects - COCOHONEYNUT pls read

Posted by Mariposa on January 20, 2004, at 17:47:11

In reply to Re: Lexapro side-effects - CSWIFE pls read, posted by Okpolosi on May 24, 2003, at 11:43:46

> > I have been reading posts here for a month or so and decided I should share my Lex experiences, too. What I have read has been so helpfull and thank you all for sharing.
> > I'm in week 5 on 5mg and I take it late morning, around 10:00AM. Female 47, diagnosed with PMDD and depression, have never taken any meds before. Just haven't felt like my usual self for a couple of years it seems. Thought I was peri-menopausal, but Dr says it's PMDD. Was having terrible fights w/husband and fits of rage at work, while having to deal with customers, NOT good! Recently lost Mother-in-Law, we were pretty close, and both me and husband were hit pretty hard. Inherited a big house that needs a lot of work.
> > Week 1 - Nausea for a few hours after taking, mild diahrea, REALLY bad Headaches in the evening. Felt tired and foggy headed in the afternoon. Noticed some mild anxiety. No trouble sleeping. Towards end of week started feeling like I was getting the flu. Noticed my teeth hurt and realized I was clenching. Didn't want to eat at all, no appetite.
> > Week 2 - People at work have the flu, I called in sick all week, really felt terrible and don't know for sure if it was Lex or flu, had no fever, but had headaches, congestion, runny nose, chills, diahrea, slept A LOT, day and night. Eat like a pig but actually lost a pound or two, realy crave carbs ( Potatoe chips, Chex mix, etc. ). Occasional anxiety. Got an itchy rash all over my back and top of my arms. Head feels "big" and spacey. Have to tell self not to clench teeth.
> > Week 3 - "Flu" symptoms going away, feel very tired, no energy, short of breath if I do anything. Head still feels funny - spacey. Sweaty armpits on some days, blurry vision, a few mild night sweats, but in general no trouble sleeping. Still have mild diahrea. Had one day of bad lower back pain. Anxiety seems to occur less often. Gained back the pounds I lost.
> > Week 4 - Feel better physically, not mentally - still very angry and irritable, period is coming. A little trouble sleeping, want to blame husband for keeping me awake. Sweaty pits seem to have gone away, head doesn't feel funny any more, still have mild diahrea (not really a problem, just different than usual). Energy returning, able to do a lot more at work without feeling out of breath. Still clenching some but not as bad.
> > Week 5 - Actually haven't finished week 5, only half way through. Got a customer complaint at work because I was such a BITCH! Supposed to be having period but hasn't actually started yet. Snapped at husband for no reason. Blurry vision improved slightly. Still don't want to get out of bed in the morning. Am starting to wonder if I should take 7.5mg or even 10 as I don't feel "better", but then figure I should still give it another week or 2, not sure I have given Lex long enough to help.
> > I will update, and again want to thank everyone for your input, it helps to know you are not alone!!!
> This is one of my old posts. Save you some trouble, hope it helps

This is in answer to your step by step question in another thread~~~8|8




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