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Re: Nardil or Parnate for severe anxiety! Please Help!

Posted by ace on November 6, 2003, at 23:25:28

In reply to Nardil or Parnate for severe anxiety! Please Help!, posted by hockeygirlcanada on November 6, 2003, at 19:40:06

> The long and short of my story is chronic Generalized anxiety for almost 7 years, been on many ad's, nothing has worked. Only temporary relief I feel is after taking my clonazepam aka Klonopin.
> I finally was given an maoi, Parnate, started out at 20mg, increased to 30 mg, and couldn't take the stimulating effect, had to cut down to twenty, then to 10mg. I will give parnate for helping my mild depression, which is secondary to my GAD, but it gives me the adrenaline rush, and then I crash. Drinking coffee to try to stay awake, which isn't a great idea for my anxiety, and then at night time, even on 10 mg's I am awake. I don't mind the insomnia, but when I do sleep I don't want to wake up, because I wake up with a huge headache, brain fog, and it takes about an hour, with a cup of coffee and my parnate to come out of it.
> Went to doc today, could add a sleeping aid, maybe I wouldn't be so tired during the day, or washout and try nardil.
> So here are my questions, as this decision is mine according to my doc:
> 1- Is nardil extremely sedating throughout the day? Would I still possibly be needing to try and use something to stimulate me.

Not usually extremely sedating...but it can be. After an hour of my dose I feel this walm calm sedate feeling in my body, so maybe it's a good sedation- at least for me. If it does cause extreme sedation, it usually passes.

I don't believe you would need anything to stimulate you unless you are one of a few that experiences extreme sedation.

> 2- I have read that even though the sleep on nardil may be short lived, you feel fine waking up, as if you had an 8 hour night.

3rd time back on Nardil I am experiencing this - I go to bed late and get up early. I feel fine in the morning.

> 3- I realize that the headache could go away after about 4 months, as it takes about that long for the s/e. But would the stimulating effect go away, or is that the nature of the drug?

Not sure, but I believe the headache would pass, although the stimulation, and subsequent 'crash'---- that might not go.

> 4- Weight gain, don't care! Give me 50 if it works, I will cross that bridge when it comes.

Weight gain happens- but I don't mind it! It's really not too bad, and it makes food taste so much better! Especially sweets!

> 5- Just an overall general "what I should/could expect with Nardil, if I decide to go that route..

Nardil rules...period.

> I can live on parnate, but it gives me a
general ill feeling.

Forget that! We want big results on these drugs! Not any 'ill-feeling'!

> It seems that some people do ok on parnate/nardil and if they try the other it works wonders.

Nardil has the more consistent positive results...

> Sorry for being long winded, but all your info would be greatly appreciated!
> By the way ace, I know your answer!! But you can certainly reinforce it for me, and if you can give me some info on the clinical trials you spoke about on an earlier post, that would be great!!
> Thanks

No worries...I'll get some links for you!





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