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Re: Normal Brain vs Abnormal Brain Why?

Posted by Momof1BPKid on October 19, 2003, at 0:52:23

In reply to Normal Brain vs Abnormal Brain Why?, posted by Ron Jones on October 17, 2003, at 15:00:49

I am going to answer this with my thoughts. Can you will yourself into sanity? I think maybe sometimes you can, but most of the time you cant. Take it from a mom who has had a child with illnesses that cross multiple diagnoses since birth with no known cause. pretty normal pregnancy etc , no drug abuse or anything like that at all.
he is just him, I do believe he was very hyper, very smart and that years of peoples negative reactions caused him alot of anger, he is diagnosed bipolar, but sometimes I just think adhd went to anger based on crappy people hating his fidgetyness. He was born that way and had a variety of disorders that he overlaps on such as adhd, bipolar, ocd, tourettes, depression, anxiety etc etc. I did read an article on cnn, where it said if someone is i guess somewhat outcast from a group, basically they are not socially accepted like they want to be as part of a group, it affects a certain part of your brain. I read on CNN scientists studying the ACC? part of the brain, if someone coming up and poking you in the eye physically, this is equivalent for say a kid being ousted from a baseball game from a group of kids, and noone lets him play. (making someone feel alienated basically). :o! Maybe my son was always moody, maybe he just is irritated by people treating him badly, who knows.
Now to get on doctors, is there anyone trained in mental illness? yes? , but before you get on the mental illness kick you might want to look at just "normal doctors" are they trained? not really they pretty much say "ur sick?" it's viral (i cant do a thing) its bacterial (heres some antibiotics) , I know so many people with physical illnesses that go to the doctor and the doctors tell them "i see it but, i dont know what that is.." .. they pretty much try a drug and see if it works if so you luck out , or maybe it just goes away, if not they keep trying. I know alot of people who have a variety of physical illnesses where docs are pretty much "stumped" and have no cause, this happens ALOT! so its not just mental illness!

One thing I will tell you, all the people I know who I have met that are similar in their adhd, anxiety etc etc., have the same body profile as myself, crave carbs, crave chocolate, have addictive personalities, eat lots of chocolate and caffeine and nicotine, and all happen to be managers like myself who are extremely agressive in our workstyle in the office,borderline obsessive about work and workaholics, of course the company loves us, theres about 5 of us like this. its just a weird thing, that all of us have history of adhd and depression and anxiety in our families dont cha think?

So dont ever say us crazy people are productive :D

Can you just not will yourself into sanity?Why can you not be normal.I know a family and everone in that family has manic depression.It must be a gentic disorder of the brain.What else could cause this?I know another family where everyone has OCD.People with manic depression always have other forms of mental illness:OCD,Panic Attacks,ADD ,ect.Why is this?You can not find anyone ,who just has one mental illness.The symptoms of one form of mental illness are just like the symptoms of other forms of mental illness.If you have panic attacks ,you find that people with OCD and manic depression also have panic attacks.Why is this.I just want some answers.Is there no trained scientist with a mental illness in this world?




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