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doc treats me like a junkie!

Posted by lovenarcissus on October 16, 2003, at 13:57:39

HELP! having terrible anxiety and panic attacks and my pdoc won't give me anti-anxiety meds because she says they can be addictive...has anyone else run into this problem...they treat you like a junkie when you just want to get properly medicated...i go to the county mental health because i have mediCal, and they're pretty touchy there about writing scripts for things like valium, xanax...etc...i guess alot of HMO or private pratice doctors are different....they are alot more free with what they will write. i don't think i want valium or xanax anyways...i want something to take everyday that will stabalize my mood, not something that i self-administer when i start freaking out, that's a bit too close to self-medicating with a beer to me. is there anything like that? isn't that how paxil works? how about seroquel? i talked to a friend who takes paxil and she gained alot of weight, do all the anti-anxiety drugs that you take daily cause weight gain? how about sexual side effects (i'm a woman)?

i really need relief from this anxiety, i reallly need my pdoc to take me seriously and not treat me like a junkie when i'm trying to seek sane treatment...she prescribed me buspar but she said seroquel is probably more effective for more people but can be takes 2-4 weeks to find out if buspar works, i am having trouble sleeping and can't deal with the prospect of having to try this med before she will try the stronger one, tired of being a guinea pig when i am suffering acute symptoms.

i wish i understood more about bi-polars and anxiety disorder...i feel like i'm overly sensitive to stimulation, or i over-amp for things and get left with this overflow of adreniline which then translates into panic, fear, anxiety, i am a very complicated piece of speaker equipment which is capable of a tremendously sensitive and full range of sound, but which breaks easily and often, and costs alot to fix.

any feedback on how to deal with pdocs, and anxiety meds would be helpful.

also, i am taking topomax...can't take depakote because it got rid of all my anxiety to the point that i was listless and totally unmotivated with no energy and went into debt being was like a blanket that smothered all my emotions, my friends said i was like a shell of myself...i wasn't able to do any activities with my son and as a single mom i have to have energy to be with him...tegretol gave me a rash, nuerontin weight gain...topomax so far no bad side effects, but no good ones either, so i'll keep taking it awhile longer to see (no bad side effects is so exciting!) and try to add an anti-anxiety...i seem to notice that it's the anxiety that knaws away at me and affects the quality of my life most, at least that's what i think now that i'm in the throes of it.





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