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No no not abandonment w/o goodbyes! katia

Posted by Chicklet on September 27, 2003, at 10:31:31

In reply to Re: All helping each other decide BarbaraCat, posted by katia on September 27, 2003, at 2:53:56

Holy cow- i see belly dancing...well, not right here in front of me. Although my kitty Joe is rather, boned and his belly sways baaaack and forrrth...
I must read this thread but am seriously sleep deprived. Can you say, "6 hours in 3 nights, boy and girls?".
gotta call pdoc.
4 MILLIGRAMS OF PROSOM!!!! Yes i'm yelling. That yelling thing is bullshit anyway. Uhoh. Look Dr. Bob...I said bullshit.

Talk soon to u guys?
Barbara of the Kitties, you better e me. No rush of course. but we're seeing the diabetic kitty tomorrow- and while I've googled it, I was just wondering your wise opinions on that subject...

Katia- hi. I just skimmed the post below...glad to see you're up.
Must talk Lamictal and Trileptal...
WEll maybe...?

> > Hi Katia,
> > First and most importantly, you joined a belly dance troupe? That's superb!
> yay! yes I did. i got so caught up in the frenzy, I stayed for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced and the instructor said I did well and should join the troupe. So of course I bought the $65 skirt and signed up for a month's worth of classes with/o knowing if I even like her!
> I had fun and it's sooooooo right up my alley that this is what i need right now, not chi-kung. really I get enough internal arts with yoga. I need an expressive sensual dance now. I need expression and an outlet! first and foremost!
> good to hear you do too. I knew it before from your previous posts. I used to a bit, but now I'm getting seriously into it. primal tribal fusion? I think this type is from northern Egypt? I'll let you know more when I do!
> > You do sound a lot more up, really and truly. You might find that Lam will have it's zippy spikes and then subside so don't get concerned if it poops out.
> I've found both these things so far.
> >>It's just adjusting.
> So the ups and downs will subside and I'll even out to a healthy plateau?
> >>I am going to check out the mdiet website. As I think I mentioned before, I've the Metabolic Type Diet book and it made sense from what I could discern. It also jibes with my profile in the Blood Type Diet which I'm currently trying out.
> yes, check it out. I think there's mention of the blood type diet as being ineffective in that particular website :
> It could be the diet. Altho' I haven't kept to as I should've . Two weeks ago due to that stressful hurtful event, I fell off the one drink only and more than one night I've partook in one to three drinks. and tonight I had bread with wheat in it. (and two and half glasses of vino - shhhh.)
> I was perfect for two weeks and I'm still trying.
> > I've really had it with my weight and lack of exercise level. I'm about 30 pounds overweight and not working out at all. My back has been hurting so I've been taking the opportunity to veg out and I really can't afford that kind of luxury anymore. My mood has lifted to the point where I can 'just do it' and I know that if I make myself 'just do it' a few times, things take off from there. I don't think I'm going to go with trileptal since I'm not willing to risk worse s/x than I have with lithium. The Devil you know...
> >
> good. I was wondering why you wanted to radically change and get off of Li. when you'd been having such a good experience with it. Maybe just minor adjustments are needed.
> > Well, I hope things continue on their upward trend for you. One good thing about feeling so crappy is when you start to feel even a little bit better, it feels sooooo goooooood!! - Barbara
> I agree!!!!!!
> There was one more thing I wanted to say and i can't remember b/c it was in your other post to Katy, so I'll address it in the next one.
> warmest wishes,
> Katia




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