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Re: drugs to help reset sleep cycle

Posted by avid abulia on July 13, 2003, at 17:07:18

In reply to Re: drugs to help reset sleep cycle samplemethod, posted by Larry Hoover on July 12, 2003, at 17:10:02

> > So would you guys say that melatonin is the best thing to try if I just wanna reset my sleep cycle?

Perhaps, perhaps not. It can be done without supplements, many times, and if you can avoid supplementing a hormone that is much better. In conditions of deprivation from external cues (e.g. no sunlight and a building with magnetic neutralization) it was found that the natural human cycle is a day of 25 hrs, not 24, which is why it is easier to stay up later than to fall asleep earlier. But if you have an alarm, and force yourself to rise at the same time every day, it mimicks the sun coming out and awakening you as it would if you still lived outside in a "natural" environment for our species, and the resulting tiredness will eventually make it easier to fall back to sleep early again.

> > is there anything to be wary about such as getting bad nightmares or watever on it?

Vivid dreams are a very common effect, both myself and many of my friends who have tried it find this to be true. However, in some, just the opposite may be the case, it depends on personal biochemistry.

> Not that I've heard of. However, it leaves me a little dopey the next morning. Still haven't found just the right dose, perhaps.
> > And are there any of the supps (referring the Larry Hoovers recommended general supp list) apart from B vits i should only take during the day...
> There are many stimulating supps, but that may be individual reactions (mine). B-vitamins keep me awake, if taken late in the day.
> > maybe i should also move a greater proportion of my Mag to the night.
> Ya, that might help.

Additionally, niacinamide (but not other forms of B3) has a sedative effect, you might try moving any niacin you are taking to the night time and try niacinamide unless there are specific reasons (like cardiovascular disease) where you might want to take the nicotinic acid or inositol hexanicotinate forms instead.

I might add that many (not all, but many) people, especially young people, find that a physiological dose (300mcg in a sustained release capsule) find melatonin to be just as effective at sleep-induction as a pharmaceutical dose (usuall found in 1 and 3mg tabs or caps).





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