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Re: Quiting weed... Help!

Posted by Oliver on July 6, 2003, at 22:58:56

In reply to Quiting weed... Help!, posted by JonW on June 30, 2003, at 23:33:45

I read your post and the follow-ups with interest. I have a long history with Cannabis. I started in high school, when I was 15 and became a pothead. That was a very big mistake because it fucked up my academic career. I stopped for long periods and then would go back either as a casual user or a several-times-a-week one. That happened during the latter 90's when my life was in severe stasis. I was using it to cope with major depression and didn't know how to get help without insurance, etc., though now I know there are ways to accomplish this. Although I definitely don't think people should begin using grass until at least 18, or any other intoxicant, it is very hard to stop persistent and resourceful kids who want to taste a forbidden fruit. What is needed IMO is real advice and education. The thing about Marijuana is, for me at least, there is a sacred element involved. What I have found, not always of course, is that when I've smoked good grass in very small amounts, there's a kind of awakening that happens in me. I remember myself. I remember my own sacred nature or being. It's like a doorway in my brain or mind opens up and suddenly, I am more "myself." Also, I become more in tune with Nature or Mother Earth, even if I'm here in a city. Strange. For those of you inclined to Charkra talk I think that pot somehow stimulates one's heart center. I have often felt much more loving and open and accepting after toking a bit. There's a very good book on this called "The Benefits of Marijuana" by Joan Bello. You can find it on the Web. She uses it in her naturopathy practice. I'm not encouraging anyone to smoke or not to smoke. It is not a perfect drug/medicine and I too have experienced effects like anxiety/panic/; but I think these have more to do with cannabis opening you to what's inside yourself (repressed emotions) than any particular inherent side-effect In fact, like Jon I've tried to quit myself because there is a kind of amotivational thing that happens--although for me that could be because of my long-term depression. I have found it very hard to totally abstain from grass. It's worth exploring other avenues to this type of beautiful experience, such as meditation, exercise, nature. But grass is very quick! Lol... Also, a lot of it has to do with how you use it, your attitude towards it, if your life revolves around it, etc. I think it's far better than boozing every night and it's probably less toxic than all these meds we're on. (I started Lexapro about 3 1/2 weeks ago) I wouldn't recommend smoking every day. And then, anything we depend on can become a trap, sometimes insidiously, drugs, meds, meditation, even love. Well, that's my two(maybe three) cents, enjoy,





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