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Re: How about this for memory-loss, fatigue GregCo

Posted by wendy b. on March 31, 2003, at 22:08:24

In reply to Re: How about this formemory/less fatigue, posted by GregCo on March 31, 2003, at 16:25:38

> Thanks for the message Wendy. I really appreciate it. I was looking for something that would enable me to need less sleep because I seem to need 9 1/2 hrs sleep at night at least, usually more, to feel decent. Anything below that I would start having concentration problems and be regularly tired...

ok, i understand what you're saying here. provigil might very well help you. i think it might be good to limit your sleep to 8 hours. then manage the daytime sleepiness as a separate thing, possibly with a "wakefulness agent," like this med. i love that description, see how hard they're trying not to call it a stimulant? and in fact, it's not, and there exists no other terminology to use to define it.

> I have read a lot from the search menu on Adrafinil and Modifinil. It was actually one of the reasons I thought it might be good for me.

sorry, didn't mean to imply that you hadn't. i meant it as an antidote to that msn article, though; i really didn't like it. if you sensationalize the thing, you're not doing it justice.

> People like IsoM seem to love it. Here's a quote from him that I find kind of ironic after you mentioned ADHD... "Seeing that I have ADHD, on adrafinil I can be as hyper & perky as normally, but with a calmness I'd never experienced" He also goes in other posts to say he has better memory, less depression, less fatigue and generally feels great on the stuff withouht any of the side effects of other drugs.

IsoM is a WOMAN! (but how were you to know? it speaks well of her that her writing is not pointedly feminine nor masculine) And she has so many interesting posts and is sooo helpful to people here. i'm sure you can address a question to her right on the board. i get the same reaction from provigil as she does...

> So far I must admit I'm feeling pretty good today. I got about 8hrs of sleep last night and my concentration levels seem to be better than normal and I also feel pretty good about my future right now and want to do something productive with my life, more so than normal.

that's great, how did that happen, if you don't mind talking about it?

> One reason I like the drug is because it was a type four drug which supposedly means it's a realitively safe drug compared to most drugs out there. It also doesn't seem to have a lot of the nasty side effects that other drugs have. I did read about the Liver Enzyme tests that should be done every three months on Adrafinil but Modafinil doesn't seem to have those problems.

yes, all of those things make the drug that much better, in my opinion.

> I must admit I don't know much about ADHD. I'll have to look into that. I never thought I could have a problem like that because I was always into thinking games like chess, I could play a game for hrs in tournaments although my memory was usually worse than others when playing it.

common misconception about ADHD #1: that attentional difficulties imply inability to focus and concentrate. quite the contrary - the ability to hyper-focus, as you describe about chess above, is a classic ADHD symptom. so much focus, in fact, that other things get shut out (not intentionally), but to the detriment of deadlines and relationships with others (family, friends, teachers, bosses, etc.) it's hard to shift tasks for ADHD'ers, to make the transition from one activity to another. if the ADHD person is NOT engaged in something fascinating to him, though, his mind does wander. so you tend to get both.

common misconception #2: that the ADHD person doesn't have the mental capacity that other "normal" people do. they think einstein had ADHD. many of us are very creative, artistic, musical, intense, and have performative talents. often we are naturally good leaders in group situations.

so i don't say: seek an ADHD specialist because you're sick or defective, just that suffering from the symptoms for longer than you have to isn't necessary. but you need a good diagnostician, not just anybody. what country are you from?

>I could remember opening chess lines when studying them from a book but couldn't remember past games I played and the mistakes I should have learned from them when I was thinking about my next move in a game.

yeah, this is symptomatic. you can learn visualization strategies for these things; it takes a lot of time and effort.

> Also if someone talked to me it would ruin my concentration and I would play poorly. So I don't know if I have a problem in that area or not.

who knows? i am no doctor, just a fellow-traveler. but the things you're saying about yourself echo what a lot of people i know with ADHD say about their symptoms, that's all.

best wishes and thanks for your message,





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