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Re: TCAs and success?! not exactly

Posted by missinglynxx on February 15, 2003, at 4:25:33

In reply to TCAs missinglynxx, zeugma, posted by not exactly on February 14, 2003, at 23:39:55

> Your posts about nortriptyline have been informative and inspiring. In fact, your positive experiences (along with similar reports from other psycho-babblers) enabled me to overcome my fears & prejudices about TCAs.
> I tried amitriptyline once, and found the sedation, thought-clouding, and other side effects so severe that I felt like I'd been poisoned. So I concluded that the entire TCA category was not for me. Web research had bolstered that negative opinion - many sites (such as, which seems to have otherwise informed and enlightened views) refer to TCAs as "dumb drugs" which are best avoided.
> Last month, I considered trying Strattera, but when I found out that my insurance would not cover the Rx, I started searching for other norepinephrine-enhancing meds. When I learned that desipramine was almost as NE-specific as Strattera (and WAY cheaper), I decided to give it a try. My experience so far (exactly 2 weeks) has been encouraging. Side effects have been minimal and are now virtually unnoticable. My mood, motivation, and overall meaningful connection to life have improved. The improvement has not been dramatic, in fact it's been surprisingly subtle. But each day things are a bit better than the day before, and there's no sign that I've leveled off yet. I know that delayed onset and gradual improvement are traditional for antidepressants, but this has never been the case for me before. In the past, every other AD I've tried (and there have been a bunch) "did its thing" (for better or worse) within the first few days.
> Anyway, I'm now wondering about how desipramine & nortriptyline compare. Have either of you tried desipramine? My understanding is that nortriptyline is slightly more serotonergic, antimuscarinic, and sedating compared to desipramine. If desipramine turns out to be an incomplete solution, do you think nortriptyline would be worth a try?
> I'm also intrigued by the idea of augmenting a TCA with Buspar. I may try this next once I see where the desipramine plateaus out.
> - Bob

Thats an awesome progress Report BOB. It couldnt have happened to a COOLER person on this forum,, to find a medication that actually "fits" like a glove pretty much
I understand your point about a gradual shift,, a subtile feeling

Think of this like an intense COLLEGE football game. Sometimes the good guys (US)need to just get a simple first down. Then Rest and plan our next play.
I dislike medications that feel "like" I took a powerful drug....Thats why I like caffeine, and tea haha its weak stuff
ON my research I feel Desiprimine and NOrtriptyline are nearly Identical, dont you?
Im still adjusting to the anticholinegic thing,,, are you?
I do feel more quiet on NOrtripyline,, which is NOT good,, but I think after another month I will get a better :viewpoint:
Thanks for the kind words, Bob and Im thrilled you are taking the :right Medication: Spring will be awesome for you this year.
What is your dose of Desiprimine,,, do you get constipation and dry mouth?




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