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Re: Glad for your success!

Posted by lostsailor on January 22, 2003, at 10:12:44

In reply to Re: Glad for your success! » jay, posted by Ame Sans Vie on January 21, 2003, at 17:55:49

Hi there.

I was so gregarious at the ages you mentioned and experimented/ over used (I don't think truly abused all of the things you mentioned + some you haven't -lol) Doc. says he does not believe that this teen collage of substances resulted in my problems like many like to blame--you've probably heard the same rap...bla, bla bla. He did admit, rather, that the use may have facilitated or helped “kindle” emotional problems that I was already predisposed of having. Even this opinion, he reiterated, could never be said with certainty.

So my diags are BP1 disorder virtually totally controlled. Panic disorder w/ Agoraphobia, perhaps GAD and other anxiety related diags but says they usually appear in a “constellation” and that many overlap so additional diags are not really necessary.

You are true freaking me out with your meds though. I could never get all that from my doc and he writes fairly liberally and also writes for me months worth of xanax/valium which he allows me like one pill +/- what is prescribed. So it’s not a fear of his of my overuse but just his personal guidelines I guess. He has been the only doc I have ever seen for psych issues and has an incredible reputation in the area. I have had many 'second opinions" but most only indicates similar combos with only slight variants that have always been ok'ed with my doc except using a MAOI and that is for my benefit due to the side effect profile, which I could never handle as outdoor activities (running, cycling, mt biking...ect) are about all I have to cling to any longer aside from music. Even these are a treatment option, but I agree only as a last resort.

When my anxiety truly originated is hard to say. It was, though, promptly treated. It's that now while my anxiety per see is better, I still have panic attacks occasionally and the agoraphobia reminds me of that poor Greek mythological figure (his name always escapes me but it sound like syphilis) pushing a rock up a gill to only see the crest and slide back in decent.

Reading you postings are a bit inspiring. How bad was your APD how did you find a doc to treat is so aggressively. You are obviously well read and bright. What is the logic of huge bi-weekly doses of klonopin when the half-life would in theory deteriorate with in what 12-26 hrs or something? Is your doc a specialist in anxiety disorders only??? What states do you hale from? It is in the US I presume, as you know all the meds by US trade as well as generic names. How bad where you>? You truly feel you are symptom free, or worried it is only a remission. Any web sites with solid long-term studies for me to give to him so he can evaluate?

Thanks tons
So micheal, "the decision to devote my life to the study and treatment of 'idiosynchracies of the psyche'" is infering what> Planing on med shcool,counseling, back, K?




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