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Re: Fish Oil, Saint Johns Wort Proton Pump Inhibitor

Posted by wild_0ne on January 17, 2003, at 15:30:20

In reply to Re: Fish Oil, Saint Johns Wort Proton Pump Inhibitor, posted by Larry Hoover on January 17, 2003, at 14:52:38

> I had an inability to get an erection, precluding further progress.

Thankfully I don't seem to have that problem, but it does take a lot of coaxing from my better half! ;-)

> The process that extracts the fish oils leaves all metals behind. All I can say is try different products until you find one that agrees with you. There are probably only three producers of fish oil in North America, supplying the bulk of all the products. That's not to say that an individual product might not be further purified, but the vast majority of brands are encapsulated by wholesale jobbers. All products that are "molecularly distilled" come from one supplier that uses that phrase on their website. "molecularly distilled" is meaningless to a chemist, and quite annoying to hear all the time, but that's what the wholesaler's website says.

OK, I just thought that everyone talks about a specific brand that you "just have to take" or else it's no good. This is good info!

> SJW is the only antidepressant *I've* ever used (personal anecdote) that made me feel entirely normal.

It's been 2 weeks for me, did you go through ups and downs during the initial couple of weeks after starting? I felt "wired" for a couple of days, then not too bad, a few bad days mixed in ther and now I'm feeling really "spaced out" almost confused at times - it's very strange - but it does seem to ease off about 2 hours after each pill! I had thought I might be taking too much, but I kind of doubt that, I probably just need time to adjust, what do you think? I do think, overall, that it's helping, I'm just looking for someone that actually says they got back to 100%, again this is good to know. I guess the fact that I am having some response is a good sign, and I will give it the full 4-8 weeks to make my final judgement. Did you experience any weird symptoms like me, and if so how long did they last?

> Less effective. The issue is really with respect to general anaesthesia, which you do not require for an endoscopy. Just tell the anaesthetist what you're taking. I think it's a non-issue for you.
> I've had the endoscopy twice, and it's painless and really quite fascinating. I could watch on my own monitor as the device was in use.

I like your attitude. I find all of this type of thing fascinating (with the exception of Depression!!!), so being able to watch would be of interest to me as well!

I like talking with you, you are a wealth of knowledge and some reassurance that I am in control of my own health, and I am doing the right things. It's a pleasure, thanks again!




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