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Re: Fish Oil, Saint Johns Wort Proton Pump Inhibitor

Posted by Larry Hoover on January 17, 2003, at 14:52:38

In reply to Re: Fish Oil, Saint Johns Wort Proton Pump Inhibitor, posted by wild_0ne on January 17, 2003, at 12:19:38

> What type of sexual dysfunction (if you don't mind me asking)? The only reason I ask, is that from the start of this my anxiety has been somewhat elavated and I have had zero interest in sex. This hasn't improved with the SJW, but obviously it hasn't gotten any worse, as there is nothing worse than not having any desire for sex! Just ask my wife ;-) I did try another brand of SJW and found that I had a couple instances of feeling completely "wired" all day and night. That's why I switched to Perika and I haven't experienced it since, maybe it was just my body getting used to having the SJW in the first place and I might have experienced it with any brand, I'm unsure on that point.

I had an inability to get an erection, precluding further progress.

> >
> > >I live in Canada and was wondering if anyone knows a good, clean, fish oil product available in Canada.
> >
> > The fish oil sold under the Spring Valley brand at Walmart is fine. Swiss Herbal markets a variety of salmon oils, including one derived from wild-caught salmon.
> >
> I will check around town. I just want to take something that doesn't taste like fish (I can't stand the taste of fish, that's why I don't eat any, and may be the reason I am having problems now, who knows! My Mom and I are the only people in our family to have had depression and we are also the only ones that don't eat any fish products - coincidence?). I also want to find something that doesn't contain any heavy metals, etc.

The process that extracts the fish oils leaves all metals behind. All I can say is try different products until you find one that agrees with you. There are probably only three producers of fish oil in North America, supplying the bulk of all the products. That's not to say that an individual product might not be further purified, but the vast majority of brands are encapsulated by wholesale jobbers. All products that are "molecularly distilled" come from one supplier that uses that phrase on their website. "molecularly distilled" is meaningless to a chemist, and quite annoying to hear all the time, but that's what the wholesaler's website says.

> Did it eventually make you feel close to 100% or maybe only 60-70% better. Do you think it is better than SSRI's if I am able to tolerate it?

SJW is the only antidepressant *I've* ever used (personal anecdote) that made me feel entirely normal.

> I guess in summary - it isn't a problem combining all of these together - correct?


>I have to go in for an Endoscopy in 2 weeks for my HH. I have heard that there might be some interactions between SJW and anesthetics (SP?), do you know of any, and if there is, is it life threatening or is it just that the sedatives are less effective?

Less effective. The issue is really with respect to general anaesthesia, which you do not require for an endoscopy. Just tell the anaesthetist what you're taking. I think it's a non-issue for you.

I've had the endoscopy twice, and it's painless and really quite fascinating. I could watch on my own monitor as the device was in use.

>If that's the case, I don't really care as they are just sticking a tube down my throat, not cutting me open, but I obviously don't want any life threatening reactions ;-)

Rest easy on that issue. People taking SJW might need a smidgen higher dose of general anaesthesia, so that they don't wake up too soon. You're not out for an endoscopy.

> I already take a Calcium/Magnesium supplement and a high potency B100 Complex time released vitaimn and a good multivitamin as well (along with some garlic and Vit C (2000 mg/day)).

Sounds good.

> Larry, Thanks again for your informative response, it's much appreciated!

My pleasure.





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