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Re: Klonopin- no drive to talk- but what about oth utopizen

Posted by Ame Sans Vie on January 17, 2003, at 13:28:46

In reply to Re: Klonopin- no drive to talk- but what about oth, posted by utopizen on January 16, 2003, at 22:33:29

lol, that was *me* whose pdoc was diverting meth. Never would've known it though... either he's very good at making himself look like a normal psychiatrist, or *all* the psychs are divertin drugs to the street, lol (actually, this is surely true to some degree, though most don't do it knowingly.)

Oh, and 30mg wasn't a typo and I didn't mean Valium, lol. This particular guy said that having some of his more debilitatingly anxious patients take a mega-dose of either Klonopin or Tranxene once every 2, 3, or 4 weeks actually brings about long-lasting results sometimes. Can't comment on that myself yet, of course... but Sunday's only two days away, and I'm sure as hell looking forward to it! lol Not that it'll be the first time I've taken 30mg Klonopin at once, but at least the first time it's legit. =P

A drug called adinazolam was also brought up during this "appointment"... I haven't looked much into it, but apparently it's a triazolobenzodiazepine with serotonin/noradrenaline reuptake inhibition properties. I know it's not available here in the States... regardless, the benzos I'm on now work absolutely without fault so why bother thinking about the next drug to try.

And as far as the dosage is concerned, he told me he doesn't expect me to very strictly adhere to it, except for the Klonopin. The V, X, & A are really all more a prn type of thing, or whatever I find works best for me. I've never had such an understanding doctor. lol, and yes, I do trust him, but only because he was **VERY* highly recommended by the University of Houston and MHMR.

I suppose it'd be wise to mention that I also take something called 'Tranquili-G', which was recommended by Dr. Gripon. It's over the counter, but the only place I could find locally was at my friendly neighborhood headshop, lol. Very good stuff though-- a GHB analogue, but with about 15% higher affinity than GHB itself. The active ingredient is 4-methyl-gamma-hydroxybutyrate. And of course it's always nice to see that little 'meth/methyl' before the chemical name of a drug we already think is great. ;-) It's technically illegal, you know, analogue act and all, but apparently they haven't cracked down on it yet, as it's available EVERYWHERE. You can't find GBL or 1,4-butanediol anymore, but this stuff's better anyways-- epecially if you're taking it for legitimate psychological reason. It doesn't give you that "liquid X" feeling most people get from GHB, but OTOH the anxiolytic/hypnotic effects are much stronger. Yeah, so what I'm basically saying is GO BUY THIS STUFF. And while yer at it, slap a billboard on my ass and call me Ronald McDonald, 'cuz I *know* this is sounding like straight-up product promotion, lol.

I'd never considered the idea of a psychopharmacologist-- definitely sounds like it's the way for you to go at this point. I'm aware the injustices bestowed upon you by pdocs in the past per your other posts, and I wish you best of luck. I know you'll keep us updated. =)





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