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Re: Fish Oil, Saint Johns Wort Proton Pump Inhibitor

Posted by Larry Hoover on January 17, 2003, at 11:07:49

In reply to Fish Oil, Saint Johns Wort Proton Pump Inhibitor, posted by wild_0ne on January 17, 2003, at 0:35:23

> I am curious if anyone is taking St. Johns Wort and having good results, and if they are also taking Fish Oil? Are there any dangers of mixing these and having too much of a seretonin reaction (like seretonin syndrome)?

There is no danger in taking SJW and fish oil at the same time. They are complementary, acting quite independently to stabilize and improve the mood.

>I am taking a good quality SJW called Nature's Way Perika to try and get through this episode (triggered by Testosterone Replacement Therapy gone bad) in order to try and normalize my brain chemistry and I am looking to add in Fish Oil for both short and longer term preventative measures.

I've taken SJW a number of times over the years, and have had good success with it. The interesting thing about Perika was that it caused sexual dysfunction in me, the only brand I've ever experienced that with. I backed off on the Perika, and took it alongside another SJW product (same total dose, just a blend of two products), and the SD side effect disappeared.

>I live in Canada and was wondering if anyone knows a good, clean, fish oil product available in Canada.

The fish oil sold under the Spring Valley brand at Walmart is fine. Swiss Herbal markets a variety of salmon oils, including one derived from wild-caught salmon.

>I am very wary of taking prescription meds (SSRI's) as I have heard so many horror stories. I have been on SJW for 2 weeks and although it's been pretty up and down, I think in general it is definitely better than when I started. Certainly the lows aren't as severe which is good!

My experience with SJW is that it gently nudges me back to an acceptable mood state. Nothing sudden or drastic. Just a smooth uptick in mood. I remain reactive to my environment, but don't get the negative stuff locking in.

> For anyone interested in more info on St. Johns Wort there is a great site here:
> Check out the discussion forum - it's very informative.
> One other thing - I also have been prescribed a Proton Pump Inhibitor for a Hiatal Hernia, and I was wondering about any problems with taking the fish oil while taking a PPI in particular, as PPI's reduce acid secretion in the stomach. Will this affect the digestion of fish oil? Is anyone else taking PPI and fish oil? Are there any problems?

Fats are "digested" in the intestine, after passing out of the stomach. Bile acids and fat-digesting enzymes interact to break down triglycerides into free fatty acids, and dissolve them for uptake across the intestinal membrane.

Proton-pump inhibitors do help control acid reflux, but there is a price to pay. Vitamin B-12 cannot be efficiently absorbed in the absence of stomach acid. It can take a couple of years for overt symptoms of B-12 deficiency to appear. I strongly recommend taking high-dose B-12 supplements if you're on a PPI. They're readily available as 1,000 mcg tablets, and quite inexpensive too. BTW, acid reflux can be caused by magnesium or B-12 deficiency.

> Sorry for the somewhat long rambling post, but I have a bunch of issues and I'm trying to deal with them and take the least amount of prescriptions possible, so none of the doctors have any answers to my questions as they are generally uninformed when it comes to herbs and more natural treatment options.
> Thanks for your help.

I'd be happy to expand on any of these issues. You're welcome.





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