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Re: Hang in... Kar

Posted by Peter on January 14, 2003, at 13:10:03

In reply to Hang in... Peter, posted by Kar on January 14, 2003, at 0:12:38

> Hey Peter. i can relate to that trapped feeling. Even when i'm feeling better for a spell i still feel that way. but unfortunately I can't trade this body in either. I've been working at this for years and had begun to feel at the end of my rope. Combo after combo, and sick of hearing from everyone else that something will work.
> Yep.
> In a way it's good that you feel fed up...frustrated, disgusted...because I see thems as fighting words. I didn't hear you say, "it's over...that's it...there's no more help". i think we've all been there, probably many times...the lowest of the lows...knowing it will get better but worrying about the next one. "How long will this 'good' last?" "How can i change it?", "Why the hell won't something work like it seems to with everyone else?
> yeah, I guess it's better to be angry about it and motivated to do something about than to feel like giving up (although, in a wierd way, I feel like both!)
> Is your doc leery about adding something as you titrate the Lamictal? It does seem logical that if you were this crappy and taking the Lamictal slowly, that adding something else just might lighten this mood up a little. My doc keeps stressing that it's not each drug and how it works alone, but the combo and how they work together. if you're feeling that bad he should treat this more aggressively. No need to wait any longer. Any talk of MAOI's?
> Well, my pdoc will not even budge from his theories know matter how many people, even doctors, disagree with him. I've begged him for something for relief, ieven if just for the interim, and he keeps saying that my serotonin is already going all haywire from coming OFF other meds, so going ON another med would make this worse. What!?!? Baffling. Also, I've taken moclobemide in the past-that 'reversible' MAOI-I forgot what it's called now-but he put me on it before it was even released in this country-gee, that's comforting! Anyway, it didn't end up working-caused panic attacks, etc..As for the real MAOI's like Nardil or Parnate, I hear they're the best-BUT I'm really nervous about all the food restrictions. I'm afraid I'll eat something that has tyramine in it without my knowing it, and I'll go into shock. Do you have any experience taking an MAOI-if so, how do you deal with all the interactions with food and other meds?
> I'm not working either and it sucks. As I said, even when I feel good I'm only cautiously optimistic because this is such a pattern that i don't trust that it will last.
> I completely relate to that. In fact, I know that even though I feel sort of ok right now, at any point I can drop into the abyss again.
> Had you been working before? It may be a bad stretch for you now but you will get it back! I vote for leaving this doc. He sounds unsure and off target. i don't know what to tell you about which drug next. I'm sure someone will respond to that..There is an interesting algorithm site where you can plug in what drugs you've tried and concomitant symptoms and it gives the next recommended line of treatment. I think docs probably use it too. It might help you just to get some idea of where to go next. i found it really helpful although my doc is very on top of things. It's't heard of Kosis but that means nothing. Do you live in the tri state area? I'm in CT and have an awesome doc out of Yale. I also here that Donald Klein is superb. Don't know it he takes patients anymore but i think he's at Columbia. Ivan Goldberg's in the City too.
> That site sounds great-I'll check it out. And it's good to know this guy Kocsis has a good rep. I already left a message on his machine. You know, I had a consultation with Donald Klein-he only does consultations now. But it wqas so confusing because he's the one who hired my current pdoc who I'm having so much trouble with! So I know there were a lot of politics involved, because he kept on saying that the guy I'm going to is so great, etc. I call his circle the bipolar circle. They're all really smart, but they think anticonvulsants and lithium are the answers to everyone's problems and that everyone is, to some extent, bipolar. So he just said he 'thins' I'm BP, 'unspecified,' but not ADHD, while my pdoc says I am ADHD!
> I am so sorry that you're feeling the way that you are. I think you should start fresh. Somneone new will have a fresh outlook and more ideas, I'm sure. this dude you have should not be having you suffer so much, no matter whether you are waiting for something to "kick in". We've all been there. Hang in.
> I agree. Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage me. You hang in there too.
> "Patence is bitter but its fruit is sweet"
> -Rousseu
> best, Karen




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