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Report: Trevilor (Effexor) after a week...

Posted by Thygrrr on December 17, 2002, at 16:54:10

I'm on 75mgs of Venlafaxin for suspected Adult Attention Deficit, Impulse Control Deficit, possible Depression... I just can't finish anything and don't get on with my life at all.

After a week on the drug, here's my progress report for all those curious ...

- The vibrant colours that came the second day are still there (sometimes even still annoyingly so, it all looks like on TV). I have learned to appreciate the beauty of the world and of humans, something that was totally beyond my capabilities before. I have (re-)learned to understand the concepts 'colourful', 'signal colours', and 'red cars are pretty'.

- I'm horny, i.e. my sex drive has increased. And it did very significantly so; I was never a person who thought much about the opposite sex (I actual had slight homosexual inclinations from time to time) - now, when a remotely attractive female passes me by, I turn my head, and I developed a crush on my neighbor within mere minutes. Long, vivid dreams of intense sexual activity come at night, especially when having consumed alcohol. I also think about sexuality frequently, which isn't abnormal for a guy my age (23), I guess, but I do so now with my gut a lot more than with my head. Feels sorta like butterflies, you know.

- On the other hand, my ability to reach an orgasm has been drastically weakened. I have had a rather long 'threshold' compared to other people and even had anorgasmic problems in an otherwise fine relationship; but today, I had to 'give up' during masturbation because it simply wouldn't end (felt great, though, vibrant fantasies and all). Later that day, it worked a lot better.

- When they (or better, I) come, the orgasms are a LOT more intense, for some odd reason, it feels like 'they used to be'. I'm a sexual abuse victim, and hence made my first experiences at a very young age.

- I speak softer, less hectic; I laugh a lot louder; I'm generally a lot more talkative and fairly extroverted. That's good, that's how I should be, in my eyes. Morning grumpiness is drastically reduced, as well.

- Faint headaches sometimes come, and a feeling I would refer to as 'bleagh' sometimes overcomes me, it's a mixture of boredom and nausea. I'd guess it's my critical side learning to decide when it's time to get fed up with all the colours. I sometimes close my eyes to relax. Everything is so intense!

- I can finally enjoy things. And I enjoy them a LOT. My city is beautiful, and so is christmas. This is so new to me...

- Synaesthetic perceptions occur. I understand art and the value of art a lot better now, especially nonvisual arts, e.g. music.

- Day/night rhythm is a breeze. I usually wake up without any alarms at 7:00 am and am very tired now (0:00 am) - I used to have severe problems to actually become fatigued, and eventually reversed my rhythm - going to bed at 11:00 am, and getting up at 8:00 pm ... feels a lot better now.

- Concentration has not increased; minor movemends such as wiggling my feet are still there. However, I can enjoy things I love, so it's easier to refocus on them once I drift off; so one could say I can concentrate better, overall.

- Blood pressure was a tiny bit higher than usual. I'll have a new test tomorrow.

... that's all, folks.




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