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Re: s-citalopram and r-citalopram JLM

Posted by Geezer on October 1, 2002, at 11:16:16

In reply to Re: s-citalopram and r-citalopram, posted by JLM on October 1, 2002, at 5:51:57

Dr. Dave and JLM,

I am walking on "eggshells" in response to this one. My humble opinion only...OK?

Dr. Dave - if you are seeking empirical MEDICAL evidence for the reduced incidence of SEs with Lexapro I would have to agree - there isn't any. I believe "studies" and "reports" to the contrary are subjective and anecdotal. I am not attacking the drug companies - they are the only ones providing funding for studies. If we take the FDA, Sergeon Generals Office, and the National Institute of Mental Health, collectively....they represent the problem, not the solution to meaningful drug testing. Drug testing needs to be free from political/economic/moralistic/psycho-social agendas. The only private funding I know of in the US is The Stanley Foundation.


Your comments about r-flouxetine and QT prolongation are very important! Chemically induced first degree heart block and the possibile occurrence of multifocal ectopic firing foci in the ventrical, may have lethal results - just a lot of cardiology lingo meaning the drug screwed up the hearts conduction system. It would be interesting to know WHO found this REAL SE and how. I took an experimental MAOI in the late 70s/early 80s (can't remember the name), believe it was made by Hoest(sp) in Germany. Very effective drug but rejected by the FDA due to very rare hemolitic problems. In 1999 the FDA drove Servector(sp)-a dopaminergic tricyclic into the grey market-now only available in South America (this move left some pdocs and their patients high and dry in Europe). Presently I am taking Serzone 250mg. (if the numbers are correct there is one chance in 250,000 I will need a new liver at some point). I don't consider this a real problem, I am discontinuing the drug for the simple reason it doesn't work.

Yes, I believe we will see a trend for continued non-racemic ssris in the future....(the real evidence for reduced SEs will remain lacking).

Remember.....MHO attack intended.

Good cheer




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