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Re: Horrific anxiety resurgence - help! Ritch

Posted by Emme on June 4, 2002, at 21:25:53

In reply to Re: Horrific anxiety resurgence - help! Emme, posted by Ritch on June 4, 2002, at 12:39:03

Hi Mitch,

Yeah, wow sums it up. I just don't feel right physically. I think I'll call in the morning to try to see the internist. No doubt she will want to do a thyroid test. I had no idea neurontin had the (small) potential to do that.

> Wow,
> Yes, I would get thyroid checked again for sure. >There is a *tiny* chance the Neurontin is making >you a little hyperthyroid (that has been reported > with it occasionally).

> You didn't by any chance come off of an SSRI five > weeks ago, did you? I just wonder what changed > five weeks ago (besides the Lamictal addition).

No, no SSRI. I hit 100 mg Lamictal 5 weeks ago, but that's it. Maybe a delayed effect from hitting that dose...? The godawful physical anxiety only hit 5 DAYS ago, with no changes in medication. The only thing that happened 5 days ago was that I had a great Memorial Day weekend in which I did many miles of hiking in the mountains. Now I can barely run and have no stamina.

> The last two times I stopped an SSRI cold I had a > delay effect of a few weeks and then *panic*!

Ewww..that sounds like loads of fun. What was your panic like? Was it more worry, or was there a physical sensation of panic, or both?

> Another possibility is just your cycling waxing > and waning as you say. You probably have a few > days of mixed stuff that you cycle through.
> Have you mood-charted to see what type of
> pattern your cycles make? It could be you are
> cycling roughly every three weeks.

I do keep a calendar, but there isn't a real pattern these days. In the past, I have cycled on the order of weeks when I was on some ADs. But the clycing was more exhaustion alternating with less exhaustion.

> You might need to add on a different mood
> stabilizer.

I think just trying a different drug would drive me off the deep end, I'm so burnt out on trying different things. Given how refractory my depression's been, I think we need to keep the lamictal and figure out tweaking the rest.

> Of course, the Lamictal might be the one
> agitating you and perhaps it needs to be
> decreased a little. Definitely need to see your > pdoc about it.

Yeah, I was wondering about dropping it a tad. But I communicated with her today and she suggested I try increasing the atenolol to 50 mg to help settle me down, and actually increase the lamictal a bit. I guess she figures it might provide more stabilization. We're not bumping it up much, so I'll see. I will probably take your suggestion and creep up the klonopin a little more. Anything to be comfortable and be able to work. Thanks for your helpful posts.


In the meantime you might want to bump the Klon up to 1.5mg/day so you won't feel so miserable.
> hope this helps,
> Mitch




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