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Re: depression, etc. Elizabeth

Posted by sid on February 7, 2002, at 20:38:22

In reply to Re: depression, etc. sid, posted by Elizabeth on February 7, 2002, at 13:04:06

> > I was on 37.5mg Effexor XR for 6 weeks (I felt better already; after 10 days or so, there were some improvements), and I've been on 75mg for about a month now. I'm seeing my doc on Thursday.
> Wow, that's cool. You've been increasing it pretty slowly, but it sounds like it's paying off for you. The 225 is definitely helping some, but I think I could stand to go up to 300.

Saw my doc today. She gave me something to help me sleep (fall asleep, has 4 hours of effect only) and I'm staying at 75mg for at least 3 more weeks. She confirmed what I felt: I'm doing better already. We'll see, but I may not even go higher than 75mg of Effexor XR.

> > I told you a few months ago, but I'll tell the story again.
> I'm sorry! I have trouble keeping up with all the stories people tell here, although I do like to read them (I almost typed "hear" instead of "read" there!).

No problem; same for me. I'm rather visual and remember faces more than names, so on a board like this I have trouble keeping track of who's who and who said what.

> > I know that she treats a lot of people for mental illnesses, so she developed some expertise over time.
> I don't know how exceptional your GP is.

Wel,, she was recommended to me by 2 people she treated for depression, and I notice in her waiting room, there's a lot of info on mental diseases. She may not be exceptional, but it seems like people go to her a lot for depression.

> Are you getting any side effects? I haven't noticed any so far.

Oh yeah! I never took any drug before except aspirin, birth control pills or antibiotics. The first week at 37.5mg per day, I slept about 2 hours per night. The first 5 days I felt "drugged." I was spacey and had trouble with my vision and psychomotricity. I payed badminton one night and I looked like I was drunk or something. Couldn't follow the birdie, had trouble coordinating my movements, etc. Couldn't think straight either.

Then most side effects subsided except recurring constipation and sleep problems. After 6 weeks, I went up to 75mg and I've had sleep problems since. Once I fall asleep I sleep well, don't wake up before about 7-8 hours after, but falling sleep is a challenge. I fell asleep at 4AM this morning and had a doctor's apptment at 8:15AM.
Anyway, we're trying to address that. I waste too much time because of the sleep deprivation and my work is suffering from it. I still have recurrent constipation; I simply adjust my diet accordingly.

> That's always surprised me, that some people do that. Like, "who wants to eat when they're depressed???"

Well, I ate carbs without even noticing I was eating, I was like an eating zombie. I wouldn't say I wanted to eat, I just did it automatically. There was no pleasure in it, it was almost like an addiction: carbs, carbs, carbs. And I slept way too much during the depression. A big couch potato. :-(

> Maybe you've said this already, but what do you do?

Reasearch and teaching in economics. Writing mathematical models of human, firm and institutional behavior all the time.

> Ahh yes. Well, I wish you luck in your search for OKness. :-) I'm really beginning to regain my confidence, feeling like "I can do this" ["this" being living life]. It was scary feeling like I might have to depend on my family for the rest of my life. I don't know how close I am to getting back to where I was (living on my own, working, taking classes, etc.), but I know that I now feel like it's a real possibility. And that's a big step in itself.

Good for you. It sounds like you're on the right path to OKness or at least for now for betterness!

- sid




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