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Re: Olmifon (adrafinil) IsoM

Posted by manowar on December 24, 2001, at 10:16:24

In reply to Olmifon (adrafinil) manowar, posted by IsoM on December 22, 2001, at 16:12:33

Please, don't be sorry for long postings; I enjoy reading them. I did the same thing you did; I ordered the small box of 40. I hate ordering in such small quantities, but it's better than wasting money on meds you'll never use (I could start a small pharmacy with all the disbanded meds I have in my med drawer). I haven't noticed any benefit yet from the Adrafinil, but I've only been taking it for a few days. I'm going to order the big box this time. My pdoc took my off the pstims last week, because they weren't helping me at all (I was in a very bad way w/out a mood stabilizer). I'm happy to say that he put me back on my Klonipin, which seems to calm my brain.

I guess the next order of business is to find me a good AD. I'm going to ask him about Modafinil. I'm surprised that he's never mentioned that drug before, being that he specializes in ADD.

It would be heaven to find a drug that conquered depression and ADD at the same time, wouldn't it?
Merry Christmas,


> I've been taking it for a little over one month - there's 40 tabs in a package & I initially started on one/day just to see if there were side-effects or any problems. I believe in caution.
> After a couple of weeks on it & noticing some improvements, I went to 1 1/2 tabs/day. I'm not trying to get real energetic but to mostly stop the milder symptoms of narcolepsy I have - to help me stay awake & focused. So I'm quite happy with just the 1 1/2 tablet a day (300mg). But all the other benefits are like icing on the cake. I could honestly see myself being psychologically dependent on it - not physically. I didn't know what it's like to feel normal till now. For me, alert & focused always meant either hyper or wired - calm & relaxed meant falling asleep. Adrafinil makes me both calm, relaxed & mellow while still being totally alert & focused. I didn't believe it possible! And I've noticed an elevation in my general mood - peaceful, gentle, emotionally loving, & mellow. PLUS I'm quietly feeling motivated now. No get-up-and-accomplish-great-things type fiery motivation, just a quiet go-happily-about-my-business motivation. I don't feel like lying in bed doing nothing.
> Trouble is I screwed up the ordering (just ordered one package the first time) & have run out for a week now. I am eagerly awaiting my order to come in next week. I really miss the difference.
> I'm not quite as tired yet as before, so the benefits stay awhile & don't disappear immediately like stims do, but I'm getting scatter-brained again. Two of my sons always said I made the perfect absent-minded professor for shows, except I'm female. (Oh well, the stereotype should be changed, hey?)
> What I am REALLY relieved to find about stopping for a while is that it doesn't have any nasty withdrawal effects like so many other meds do!
> Sorry for such a long posting - but I've always had a tendency to run off at the mouth & tell things in greater detail than anyone ever wanted to know. :)
> ***********************************************************************************************
> > That's great to hear! I just started taking Adrafinil today. What is your doseage? How long have you been taking it?




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