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Re: methadone JahL

Posted by shellir on December 22, 2001, at 16:21:53

In reply to Re: methadone NikkiT2, posted by JahL on December 17, 2001, at 15:43:32

> > Jah,
> >
> > Just out of interest, are you getting your methadone prescribed?? (if you don;'t want to mention it on here, feel free to email me!!) I'm interested as I have a friend who is trying to get off heroin, and has met alot fo resistance from doctors... he's currently buying "on the street" and self medicating with it.


I just put a new message on today re methadone. I detoxed from over 100mg and am now on 10mg. I don't know if it is habituating, like other opiates, etc. Also, of course I don't know how I would get it after the 50 I have now. I'm not sure that knowing how to get it in england would help me in usa, but I'm curious how you get it (

I have just gotten out of four hospitals, forced by handcuffs when my friend took me to the emergency room and I was sent to a prison-looking hospital in washington, d.c. Then I've been at supposedly the best psychiatric hospital in pennsylvania, and I know you'll love this--they told me I need extensive therapy and discharged me. Now I am comfortably at my parents nursing the methadone that I have and debating about unilateral ect to get me out of this steep steep decline.

Are you still taking the methadone? Is it helping you?

Merry Christmas, almost.

> I'll mail ya. So what you're saying is pdocs let opiophobia/fear of govt crackdown come before helping someone off H? I mean, isn't that what Methadone's for? I'd be interested to know just what they do prescribe M for.
> > I know I have been very anti methadone use in the past as I have seena friend come cold turkey off it, and it was a scary experience... but, sometimes it takes my mind a while to catch up, and I speak now eating humble pie. The idea's of its use in mental health now has me interested.
> Glad you've come round :-)
> I guess if you were naive about Effexor and saw a friend come off it cold turkey, you'd form a similar opinion. Of course this doesn't necessarily detract from its clinical usefulness (as w/ Methadone).
> Constipation not withstanding ( :-0 ), Methadone is remarkably side-effect free. Far from being a stupefacient, personally speaking it seems to improve mental clarity and enhance energy (tho' I actually feel calmer). An example: the one thing I force myself to do everyday is work out on the punch-bag for half an hour. BPII slows me down generally; I have less strength, stamina & coordination. Since taking low-dose Methadone I've managed to break a knuckle (no 6 & counting) and the rest are covered in blood-blisters (& this when wearing 1" thick gloves). In other words, I'm hitting a lot harder than usual. My body actually functions better. Weird but exciting...
> >Do you know of its use in helping the symptoms of BPD - not just the depression that comes with it, but the ruminating, psyhcotic thoughts etc.
> I probably don't know much more about Meth. than yourself. Elizabeth's the one to ask probably. Just from where I'm sitting tho', when opioids do work, they seem to help quite a broad spectrum of symptoms...
> So far as ruminating thoughts go, I've found Sulpiride+Lamictal to be most useful on that front. As far as Meth goes, I'd have to maintain myself on a higher dose before I could comment. I'll let ya know. Are your thoughts truly psychotic at times?
> Best,
> J.




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