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Re: status of topamax+lamactal+wellbutrin+klon combo

Posted by JohnX2 on December 18, 2001, at 0:08:02

In reply to Re: status of topamax+lamactal+wellbutrin+klon combo JGalt, posted by Mitch on December 17, 2001, at 23:48:08

My diet is atrocious.
My weight ping-pongs between 140-175, and
it can swing like that in 1 month on medications.
For example, I was at 150-155, started Serzone and
popped to 175 in 1.5 months, stopped, switched
to Adderall for 1 month and dropped to 140 lbs.

I go through different phases of eating health/
crap food. But I always take dietary supplements
to make sure my body is getting an adequate ratio
of certain vitamins and minerals and also anti
oxidants. Its really hard in my area to eat healty.
There are probably more restaurants per capita
in my town than most any city in the country.
Last year I ate at a mexican restaurant next to the
current 1st lady. We figured this out after this
weirdo was sitting by himself at another table
next to us looking around the room and giving
the people at our table funny looks
(he was a body guard for Mrs. Bush).


> > Mitch,
> >
> > I seem to have the same experience after eating any sort of meal, always feel relatively tired after it. As a result, and after doing some reading on dieting for better muscle:fat ratio, I've taken up the animal diet, which means I only eat 1-2 times a day, mostly in the evening, and avoid sugar throughout the day if possible. I think it does help doesn't seem to matter whether I have a big meal or just a small one, I'm always tired after it too. I am thinking that my ephedrine+caffiene+WB in the daytime and inderal at nighttime (to remove clear the beta receptors) is helping some with my energy, but I still have that after meal effect too...quite annoying. At times it can make one want to turn anorexic.
> >
> > JGalt
> Yes..the longer I wait to eat the longer I feel alert and awake. But I have this seasonal component to my depression which involves a tremendous complex carb craving. All I want is potatoes, rice, pasta, corn, etc. I went to a company Christmas dinner last week and noticed how significantly different my plate was compared to everyone else's. I am not like this between depressions. Then-I like salads, steaks, etc. I never had a blood sugar/insulin-like testing done. I never crave simple carbs/sugars, though.
> I also crave CHEESES in a really bad way. I wonder if I am really deficient in tyrosine/tyramine or whatever. Scalloped potatoes-hey that is a meal in itself! With lots of soy sauce. I take just 37.5mg of Wellbutrin in the morning with 2-3 really strong cups of coffee over about two hours time and that gets me awake until I eat a few hours later. Then I have to take more Wellbutrin and drink some English Breakfast Tea or make more coffee. Without something like Wellbutrin during these seasonal episodes I would be sleeping 10-12 hrs a day. I feel like I have malaria or something.
> Mitch




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