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Ativan,Klonopin, and Zoloft

Posted by EddieD on December 15, 2001, at 14:36:05

Just found this board. Abused caffeine (up to the equivilant of 30 cups of coffee/day in a high stress job and last Jan., BAM! Panic Attacks. It has been one year, and three doctors later but I finally have my life back. I really feel for a lot of the posters, as I lived in a constant state of anxiety for almost a full year. My first doctor prescribed Paxil(which gave me seratonin syndrome so bad I was rushed to the hospital the day of last year's Super Bowl). He then had me try Celexa, which did nothing for me. After four weeks he wanted me to swith to Bu-spar which I did not take and asked for a benzo for relief. When he said they were highly addictive and he wanted me to try the bu-spar I found another Doctor. This Doctor prescribed Klonopin for me ,but only gave me a 30 day supply, and asked me to try Serzone which gave me the jitters. After a month or two of 'rationing' my Klonopin (whenver I did not take it I had massive attacks) I tried looking for another Doctor. I finally found a Doctor who sat me down and TALKED to me about panic disorder. He was the first one to really understand what was going on. He told me about the importance of stablizing the anxiety through Benzos while trying to find a non-benzo answer. The comforting thing was here was a Doctor assuring me I will have the benzos as long as I need them until we find an alternantive.About 7 weeks ago I started on 25 mg of Zoloft, and after two weeks went up to 50mg, and he cut my klonopin (he likes the longer activation of the klonopin over the quicker acting Ativan) form .5 mg to .25 mg. I have now been off of Benzos for 4 weeks
and am taking just the zoloft. Something I have found is it does take a good 3-4 weeks for the SSRI to work. About the only side effect was some sleeplessness after I got off the Benzos, but my Doc said if it is bad, to take a klonopin for a day, and after a few days
I got back to a regular sleeping schedule. The point of my post (sorry if it rambled) was to get the point across that you do not need to live with the misery of panic/anxiety disorder. You just need to find the Doctor that is willing to be patient and work with you utilizing ALL the available meds and not just a selct few. Good luck to all in finding 'your' cure. I am starting to realize that this is most definetly a realtive situation.KEEP SEARCHING FOR YOUR ANSWER!!!




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