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Re: got a zanaflex prescription; wish me luck

Posted by JohnX2 on December 1, 2001, at 20:28:27

In reply to got a zanaflex prescription; wish me luck, posted by JohnX2 on November 30, 2001, at 11:06:14

Well on my 1st dose I pulled a classic mistake.
Fortunately I wasn't driving my car. I took
the recommended 4 mg and after 1 hr noticed
nothing. So then like a genious I said, hmm
maybe I should try another 4 mg. And then I
was *TOTALLY* wiped out.

I'm trying 2 mg doses today. The other dose
made me really drowsy, but it didn't make me
feel weak. Also, it didn't seem to slow down
my heart rate as I hoped.

If I still feel drowsy, I may tinked with a dash of

Btw, Remeron completely antagonizes the effect
of tizanidine. I tried a 15 mg dose of remeron
curious to see how the alpha-2 antagonist would
interact with the alpha-2 agonist. Going for
the cancellation theory. Another bonehead mood.
Shouldn't screw with the med until I am familiar
with it. Why do I put myself through this torture.

I'm getting too cocky starting meds because the
last many meds went so well (except trileptal).
I need to remember to start slowly.

I wonder how long and if and how my body would
adjust to Zanaflex.

The thought behind using it as a buffer med
is similar to Buspar's partial agonism which
can increase OR decrease serotonin. But
tizanidine is working on a noradrenergic path.
There are different affinity states for receptors. Some are high and some are
low. In some people, especially PTSD, the ratio
of affinity states (the ability for a chemical
to bind to the receptor) is messed up. In Ptsd
the thought is that the noradrenergic
alpha-2 autoreceptors are messed up.
There are fewer binding sites and they are
chronically down-regulated and can be easily overly
desensitized. These people are overreactive
to alpha-2 antagonists, which can invoke a
panic attacks/anxiety and ultimately
an exhaustion of catecholimines.
And its possible that meds that slow firing
in this area (the LC) are overreactive
the other way.

Lots of hypothesis.

BTW, I did well on the beta-blocker propranolol.
It stopped my heart pounding and nightmares from
Remeron but didn't help my headaches.
Also propranolol didn't make me drowsy. Pindolol
made me anxious and after 3 days gave me a manic

Neurontin was the best med for benzo withdrawl so
far. Particularly dealing with tingling in extremeties
and withdrawl anxiety. Unfortunately it also
didn't help with my headaches.


> I'm starting Zanaflex (tizanidine) today which
> is an anti-spasmodic dirivative of Clonodine.
> Supposedly a bit weaker without as bad sedation
> or anti-hypertensive side effects.
> Hopefully this will alleviate my Klonopin withdrawal
> as well as my tension headaches.
> I also think it may act as a good atypical mood
> stabilizer as it is a weak partial agonist of
> the noradrenaline alpha-2 receptors. This would help
> mediate firing in the stress centers of the brain.
> crossing my fingers,
> john




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