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Re: Methadone/opiates for depression-shelli, scott

Posted by nightlight on November 19, 2001, at 8:05:31

In reply to Re: Morphine for depression. SLS, posted by shelliR on November 18, 2001, at 17:26:25

Scott wrote:
> Anyway, I'm interested to know in what ways oxycodone helps you. Does it help with concentration and memory? Does it make it easier for you to read? Does it help you think clearer and smarter? How about energy and level of activity?


From shelli:
Hey there. (I bet you hate it when people call you Scottie, but I like it.Does it heelp you think clearer and smarter? How about energy and level of activity?
> The main thing that oxycontin does for me is to take that huge brick of depression out of my chest. It's quite amazing--takes about a hour.
> Lets see, I haven't read a book since I've been on the stuff, but that has more to do with time than medication. I am still the bright ;-) but very spacey person that I was pre-oxy. It is possible that I am even more spacey, I'm not sure.
> Seriously, focusing had not been a problem, transitioning was though. And opiates have not helped or hurt with that, expect that of course it is harder to focus when depressed. I don't think that it has made me "smarter or think clearer."
> Opiates have always given me a lot of energy, although I still have a bit of a let down in the late afternoon.
> I am also taking 400mg wellbutrin, (well, usually I forget 100mg), and 54mg concerta a day, as well as 30mg of nardil. I don't understand why I am on so many drugs, especially so many stimulents. I don't feel any difference with or without the nardil and concerta. You would think I'd have asked my pdoc why and I have, but you wouldn't believe what I have had to tolerate to get my opiate prescription.
> I will probably switch to methodone either Tues or Wednesday. I have to admit I'm nervous about the possibility that it won't work. My pdoc takes no calls ever and Thursday is Thanksgiving, so I wouldn't be able to go down and see him if necessary.
> If it doesn't work, I'll have to go back to oxy. I'm pretty sure that the oxy people will supply it to me; it will just take some time.
> Scott, I truely felt that I had wasted enough time in pain (two years) and the worst that can happen to me is that eventually I'll have to detox. That is not nearly as scarey to me as my depression full force, the horrible med trials that I went through with my last pdoc, and the possibility of ruining my business.
> Our types of depression are very different, so I don't think my experience with opiates are all that helpful as a predictor for you. Maybe you should have tried that vicodin--if it made you feel nauseated and wierd, you would probably know it wasn't even worth the debate.
> How does you pdoc explain your lack of any enduring response? Has he run into this pattern before? We've definitely run into it with other people on this board. I know it's really hard for you (you've said that) to confront your pdoc, but I think he owes it to you to look into any unconventional treatment that
> possibly might help. Can your family be of any help to you in consulting with other doctors or talking to this one?
> Take care,
> Shelli

Dear Shelli~
I am following your case w/great interest. (Altho I cd. certainly be fuzzy on some of the details). I have rarely posted, due to (what else?) depression and a chronic pain problem and caretaking a parent who recently passed away. My energy was zilch. But, more pertinently, the only way I have gotten thru the past many years was thru the use of an opiate/barbiturate drug that I was prescribed for chronic pain from a herniated cervical disc.
Ihave known for probably known s/t was wrong w/me for years, but, I tried one pdoc 15 yrs. ago who blew me off as a bored whining do-nothing who didn't know just how 'fine' I was (bullshit!)

Your reply to Scott, about the burden of depression, that hooded cape that weighs ten thousand pounds, simply lifting from your shoulders within hours is what I wd. feel. And, I wd. have 10 x's the energy as I did w/o the drug in my system.
But, I couldn't use it daily, supply and side-effect problems. However, knowing that I wd. have a few days (maybe 8-9) that I wanted to rise from my bed helped me 'go on' & keep the faith that I wd. eventually find what was right for me.
I tried many, many antidepressents in the past sev'l years. Had pos. response to Wellbutrin that lasted about 6 days-but, that's it.Stayed on it intermittently, b/c I was afraid I wd. really spiral downward w/o, but, often I was A-D void and just limped along.
I will not give my entire history here, this is mostly to let you know Shelli, that I am rooting for you. I am now on a very low-dose narcotic, 60 mgs. stimulent, 2 mgs. klonopin and apotent muscle relaxer. I dropped the narc/barb drug that had made me feel too dependent and sometimes gave me 'cravings' (or what I interpreted as such).

I haave only recently been diagnosed ADD w/endogenous depression, and found 2 wonderful (so far) drs. Stimulents are what I have needed all along, but, couldn't seem to convince docs why (another story).

The good news is, I feel at least 50% better on a daily basis, I am working 3 mornings a week, and I have HOPE, s/t I thought I had lost 3 months ago.
Sounds like you need you need a lot of help balancing your dopamine and endorphins, as do I.
But, it can work, I think.

And, methadone is a powerful painkiller, often used in 'drug cocktails' at pain clinics. If you do a search on methadone maintenance treatment or MMT, you'll find info on, not only opiate detox, but, on patients who have remained on meth for years, due to the fact that they believe it alleviates the depresiion that caused them to become opiate habituated in their former lives. Many are quite satisfied w/staying on meth 'forever'.

Anyway, this is long-winded, and I relate strongly to you,Shelli, & Scott, and all the many, many T.R.D. patients out there.

I still suffer from chronic fatigue and rarely post, but, I will try to more often, as this board can be a lifesaver.
I haave recently added Zoloft to my regimen, so, who knows, I may improve more, and I believe I need more 'stimulent' action in my med combo too.

Best of luck "transitioning'. I admire u working & dealing w/all this crap on top of it. You are strong and brave, and that is what it takes to be depressed and not give up (SOOOO much easier said than done!!!).

Best of luck~nightlight

p.s. if u don't mind me asking, what is ur daily dosage of oxy now & what will u start with on the methadone? Do u really think ur doc will give u back-up oxy?? He better, it is a holiday weekend, as u said.
p.s.s. Not all opiates/opioids alleviated my depression. Only the one 'combination' drug I mentioned. So, I am very curious about ur new plan. But the Vics helped u,as did the oxy, so that may be a good sign.




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