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Try Mexico for Dexedrine, Ritalin for ADHD, fat

Posted by 3 Beer Effect on November 15, 2001, at 17:04:30

It is legal to bring across up to 50 pills of each individual controlled pharmaceutical substance without a valid US prescription AS LONG AS YOU DECLARE THEM AT THE BORDER THROUGH US CUSTOMS. If you do not declare them & get caught sneaking them across you will be in a world of sh*t.
However, once you enter Texas, Arizona, or California & possess a controlled substance without an AMERICAN prescription you can get arrested for it. I got stopped & my car searched at a secret border patrol checkpoint near in the middle of the night in Bracketville (near Del Rio), Texas-- they found various meds like ritalin, morphine sulfate, hydrocodone etc. They just yelled at me for 2 hours & then let me go- but if they don't like you or you piss them off or have pot or any other illegal drugs in your car they will arrest you & will confiscate your automobile permanently. The only reason I almost got arrested was because someone left some kin bud weed in the back of my car & the drug dogs found it- I don’ think the drug dogs can smell pills.
I could not find Dexedrine or Adderall in Mexico or anywhere else in the world. I don't think they are legal to prescribe to Americans in Mexico anymore but if you find them they will be under the name "Dexedrina" or "amfetimina". They do sell Ritalin which works better than adderall anyways under the name "methylfenitado" or something like that. BUT REMEMBER THE 50 PILLS RULE & keep your Mexican and American prescription if you have one for ADHD in case the border patrol or local police hassel you. You can get 50 units of more than one medication, for example I got 50 units of morphine sulfate pills (schedule II) & 50 of methylfenitado (schedule II).
The city I visited was Ciudad of Acuna which is a very small town. At Nuevo Laredo on the Texas border or in Tijuana they are more likely to have “Dexedrina:’. Don’t drive into Mexico, walk across instead.
If you can't go to mexico I would recommend the stongest otc stimulant- ephedrine hydrochloride (Mini-thin 2 way action asthma tablets- available at truck stops & ghetto convenience stores anywhere) or the slightly less strong but more readily available ephedrine sulfate (bronkaid asthma tablets). But be careful, ephedrine is much more dangerous than amphetamines even though it is an otc. I'm only 23 & have had chest pain & heart palpitations from ephedrine- don't take more than 50 mg at once- you will regret it. If you have trouble getting out of bed take 1 vivarin 200 mg & two 25 mg bronkaid tablets (50 mg) one hour before you are supposed to wake up to get up for work & you will probably rise without your alarm clock. DO NOT TAKE EPHEDRA/MA HUANG HERBS- not only are they LESS effective than synthetic ephedrine, they are more dangerous. (Also old people: those of 30 years or more, it is probably a bad idea to take more than 25 mg ephedrine at once since you might have a rise in blood pressure causing a heart attack.)
Also, physicians are more willing to prescribe Provigil since it has little abuse potential & similar amphetamine effects, but it doesn’t seem to work as well as Dexedrine, the elixir of life! Provigil can also be ordered from Europe under the name Modafinil.
From my research I found that Dexedrine is a superior drug to Desoxyn (methamphetamine and VERY superior to Adderall). (Desoxyn is not only ridiculously expensive, it only comes in five mg tablets and is a slow release medication that probably cannot be chopped up into an immediate release pill because the meth is contained within a porous plastic matrix).. Adderall has amphetamines in its mixture that cause peripheral & respiratory activation which is distracting for those with add & so is not effective for studying or detail oriented work. Dexedrine, on the other hand, is a strong CNS/Brain stimulant with little peripheral activity which presumably will make you smarter through these actions, Dexedrine is like Ritalin in that it helps clarify your thoughts and excel and homework assignments & studying but last about 1 hour longer that Ritalin.
A last & possibly most effective resort for melancholia/lethargy would be the MAOI inhibitor Parnate. Parnate has amphetamine like properties & also make most people feel mildly euphoric while on the drug. For this reason & because of the large range of side effects & the “cheese effect” Parnate is rarely used in Psychiatry today.
Other tips: If you can afford it, buy Red Bull energy drink soda- it seems to work better than caffeine & seems to help you focus better (possibly due to the secret ingredients?)
Drink Tea instead of Coffee (coffee is a diuretic & a laxative): Buy real tea bags that you can easily brew in a Mr. Iced Tea Iced Tea Maker & add sugar to taste & the ‘real lemon’ liquid concentrate that is found in the grocery store with a green body & yellow type. The strongest teas is English breakfast tea- 100 mg of caffeine for 6 (or 8 maybe?) ounces. If you don’t like the strong flavor, you can simply add more sugar & lemon juice.

One last thing- many diet pills that your doctor would be able to prescribe you are prescription diet pills like Tenuate, preludin, adipex, benzphetamine, biphetamine, diethylpropion?. All of these reduce the need for sleep & increase energy (stay away from herbal crapola like metabolife though) If he won't prescribe you these a quack doctor on a diet drug website can presribe them for you.




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