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Re: im trying to quit, im losing my mind

Posted by lesslee on October 21, 2001, at 10:53:10

In reply to Re: im trying to quit, im losing my mind, posted by RL on August 13, 2000, at 16:38:47

> > > > how can i get off this med, without losing my mind?
> > >
> > > James here....
> > >
> > > Taper then take Prozac for a few days. The prozac will slowly leave your body and end the problems you are having. I'm glad you found this space because we mention this trick often. Sorry your doc does not know about it, many do.
> > >
> > > james
> >
> > It sounds like the Effexor was really helping with anxiety. If the Prozac plan doesn't appeal to you maybe have your doc put your on Wellbutrin or Buspar for the panic until you are totally off the Effexor or as a med instead of the effexor to control anxiety. I was first on buspar but even at half a dose I felt drugged out so I switched to Wellbutrin for the anxiety. You also might try cutting out all forms of caffiene, I find that even having a chocolate bar will increase my chances of having an attack that day (and I have gone to the emergency room several times for "heart attacks" LOL).
> > Gerri
> I stopped taking Effexor 16 days ago after using it for two and a half years. I had to take a week off work because I was too "drugged" to deal with people. The only remaining side effects are that I am stupid (I have a great deal of difficulty thinking), as well as those bizarre "head rush" feelings.
> I recently read in another website about a drug called ONDANSETRON, which can transition you off of Effexor. The Website is
> Some Background. I tried Prozac, Paxil, Luvox, Anafranil, Nortriptaline, and many others. All worked spetacularly in eliminating (not reducing, eliminating) depression, anger and aggitation. They all also had sexual side effects. Since they all had sexual side effects and all worked, it didn't seem to matter which one I took. I picked Effexor and used it with just the one side effect. However, recently it hasn't been working as well and I was feeling sleepy, even though I was getting plenty of sleep. Because of these factors, along with the desire to find an antidepressant without the sexual side effects (Serzone and Remeron did not work for me) I decided to go off of Effexor, Unfortunately, when I stopped taking the Effexor, the depression, irritability and anger returned. I started Wellbutrin 5 days ago.
> > > I am goimg to call my doctor and request that he call in a prescription for Ondansetron. I will post my results.

i've had great sucess with effexor xr, after my divorce, breakdown and other rx drugs effexor did the trick. But my new life is great after a year, and i feel like i wanted to get off of it.
I'm so glad to read about the "head rush" is so bizarre!!..i've had trouble explaining what it feels like.
I was only on .37 mg then my doc put me on the effexor immediate release to wean me off...i was able to cut that tablet in half after a awhile then in half again...yesterday was the first no med day...i've had trouble sleeping since i've cut down and eventually i give in to klonapin to help me relax and fall alseep,,but my head is still rushing and last night i cried most of the night.
now i remember is was hard to get adjusted to effexor but i finally did (after many frantic calls to my doctor) i stuck with it and what a miracle it has been.
my question is: is there anyone out there that has sucessfully got off effexor??...can anyone give me hope or a time frame of when these side effects will leave??
thank you..




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