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Re: Wellbutrin Bromocriptine

Posted by sl on October 4, 2001, at 16:03:36

In reply to Re: Wellbutrin Bromocriptine, posted by charlie99 on October 4, 2001, at 3:12:41

> > Wait, are you saying it vanished due to mental illness, or just no reason at all?
> Well in my world there has to be a reason and this is the only one I can think of. you have any other signs of depression or mental illness?
And have you had your hormones checked? (I have no idea how they do that, but there's gotta be a way)

> > I don't think it will give you a sex drive if you don't naturally have one, but if you've got no urge for sex cuz you're DEPRESSED, it'll help a lot.
> I'd say that for a physically healthy male to have no sex drive in his twenties is a pretty good definition of depressed.

Not a definition, but a symptom yes.
There's much more to being clinically depressed.
Unless you meant you're depressed CUZ you've got no sex drive. :P
It's strange, but well, that doesn't make you crazy.

> > NO! The trick is to find the amount that helps you WITHOUT making side-effects. Give it a healthy chance, Wb usually kicks in faster than

> So if 4-5 weeks isn't a long enough time after which to consider upping the dose, then what is?

Okay, re-reading it I see what you mean, and yes.
It was that word "tolerant" that threw me. Maybe you use it differently in the UK, but here it means something a bit different. Anyway, I see now that wasn't what you meant.
Sure, you could try more. If you have any personal or family history of epilepsy or seizures, you probably don't want to, tho. The more you take, the higher than chance you'll have a seizure. It's still not huge, but if you have a genetic predisposition to it it's more likely.

> My reasoning was that most people who experience benefits get a rush when they FIRST take it which then goes. I'm obviously not looking for side

*blink* They do?
It never did for me.
I just sorta slowly went up to a state which I feel normal, can handle life, can do things, etc.

>effects just for the sake of them, but how will I know the best dose for me without trying? It would be useful to hear from someone who has tried this.

Well yes. You should try.
You could be someone who doesn't respond to Wellbutrin, or doesn't respond to wellbutrin til a point where side-effects are not tolerable. Psychiatric meds are highly personal....there's lots of people who'll tell you they felt LOUSY on Wellbutrin, and a few who'll say it changed their lives [for the better]. Same with most well-known meds. It's not gauranteed that you'll respond well to Wellbutrin, regardless of dosage.

> > > BTW Wellbutrin is only licensed as Zyban in the UK - the only medication to help me & I'll have to buy it over the Net.

Waait...why do you think it's the only thing that'll help you??? And you're saying you aren't responding....? I'm confused.

> > *blink*
> > You can't BUY it as Zyban?
> > Or ask your doc to prescribe it...?
> > It's the same med.
> In fairness I think I did say that they're the same med - I can't see what else I can have meant. What I mean is that anti-smoking medication is only licensed for 9 weeks whereas an

Yes, I know you said it that's why I didn't understand.
NOW I see. I don't think Zyban has a time-limit on it here, maybe BECAUSE it's a known antidepressant. But anyway, it didn't make sense til you mentioned that.
Your doc can't countermand that and order you to take it long-term? Or don't you have a doctor?
Or is it illegal for him/her to prescribe it for longer than 9 wks?





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