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Re: mood disorders SLS

Posted by Zo on October 3, 2001, at 16:11:23

In reply to Re: mood disorders, ketoconazole, etc - Scott, Cec, posted by SLS on October 3, 2001, at 11:07:12

> I wanted to make one remark about the *hypomania* that is part of a true bipolar II. It very rarely becomes severe and is sometimes very manageable.

True .But if you rapid cycl, like I now know is true of me, the ups and downs make a mishmosh of your days and confuses the hell out of your meds.

>I'm probably not up to date with this stuff, but by >definition, severe mania does not occur with bipolar II. If >such a mania occurs without being precipitated by >medication, I think the illness must necessarily be

I'll bring this up with pdoc. My impression is it's not that distinct, at the lower levels of Mania and the higher levels of Hypomania. This last go round I became "possessed". . . but never gradulated to Baking Cookies For San Francisco, as an old doc put it, and never have.. Now that, to me, *is* intuitively and experientially, utterly distinct.

But one thing I don't know is how long people stay high. If this is not daily cycling, my next level hypomania doesn't last more than 2 or 3 weeks. . .it crashes itself.

> The point is this. Many people lead productive lives in a >chronic state of hypomania.

Hm. I would guess they cycle alright, but their lows are not horrible. It's impossible for the chemistry to go and to *stay* on go, we can only churn out so much per period.

> I think some doctors find that for some individuals, >allowing it to continue is preferable to the results of the >medical treatments tried.

Actually we played with that, which is how my illness got worse. He let me poke at a mild high, when I could. . .and in the long run, I am sorry I did. What goes up must come down. To be able to live in that state. . .I feel like a junkie for that state. It wasn't til 2 weeks ago. . after all these years. . . that the clear and easy plans for how I'm going to suicide came to me, as is often the case with Agitated Mania, in devilish ease.

Now I have to live with that. I wish I'd never let a single hypomania run. Lucky are those creatives who can do it.

> Perhaps the hypomania is resistant to mood stabilizing >drugs or that these drugs produce unacceptable side >effects or produce depression. Maybe this is an option >for you.

I just pushed up to 3 lamictal, a bit ahead of time, and am waking up in *much* better shape.

> Trying to read between the lines, it sounds to me like your hypomania is somehow impairing your judgment and functioning sufficiently to be treated. Do you feel this is true? Even if your episodes of hypomania are manageable and don't impact negatively upon your life, should they consistently be a prelude to or facilitating a depressive episode, it is important that it be treated and your cycling minimized.

Sounds like we're in agreement. We talked about gettting rid of Effexor once I get a bit stronger. If I have enough days that feel this reliable, like the ice is thick and I don't have to *think* about whether it will support me, I'd like to get off the AD. For cycling's sake.

> Does depression always follow mania?
Damn it, yes. See above.

>Do you ever experience periods of normalcy?
I don't think I am on very familiar terms with normalcy. You mean, with no meds at all?

> Please don't answer my questions if you feel they are too personal.

Not at all, ask anything you like.

> It is quite possible that antidepressants only make things worse, and that treatment with mood-stabilizers alone is indicated.
> - Scott

Absolutely, and thanks for your interest.





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