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7 skinny months on XR - gained 20 lbs. by month 15

Posted by Weaner on September 30, 2001, at 20:07:43

I am so glad I found this site!

I started on Effexor XR 15 months ago and "ramped up" to 150mg, which I have taking regularly since.

Over the past 8 months, I have gained almost 20 lbs. As the weight started to come on, I began a regular excercise program, incorporated a very healthy diet, and STILL continued to gain weight! It's like my metabolism went on vacation. In my recent physical with my GP, she was shocked at the drastic weight gain, since I have never had such fluctuations in my weight during my years of being treated by her. She thinks it may be the Effexor. The crazy part is that when I started on Effexor, I actually LOST weight.

Has ANYONE been successful in losing the Effexor XR fat???

Additionally, I recently have been experiencing other Effexor side effects, such as severe neck and shoulder pain, social withdraw and lack of motivation. I am so very disappointed that it is time to go off of this drug.

Before Effexor, I had tried numerous ADs over the years, such as Celexa & Wellbutrin, to not avail. When I "found" Effexor, my whole existence changed. I received 3 promotions over the course of a year and tripled my salary. I became increadibly focused, social, quick-witted and sharp. I had evolved into a confident 20-something pharma exec (no, not for Wyeth) from a spacey, depressed girl who terrified to leave an emotionally abusive relationship. No amount of therapy or drugs worked before Effexor. It truly has been a miracle drug for me, though it appears to have run it's course.

As frightened as I am to see who I am without this drug, I have no regrets (yet). Though I certainly don't contribute ALL of my successes to Effexor, I beleive it truly allowed my to focus and grow into the person I have become. Over the course of my treatment, both my brother and my mother (who also suffer from the same emotional problems I suffer from) were so amazed by my transformation, they too tried this drug. Neither responded as well as I did and are both on other ADs, that do not work AS well, but work better than XR did for them.

I encourge those who have tried other ADs without success to give XR a try, wait out the side effects that the initial dosing incurs and see how you feel. Because Effexor works on different parts of the brain than traditional ADs do, it may be "the one" for you. However, if the side effects don't go away or side effects develop over time, I would defintely move on.

This may be terrible advice, as I have only JUST begun "ramping down" (reducing by 37.5 mg every 2 weeks). However, no drug comes without it's price. Hopefully, the price is not higher than the overall value.

To reiterate my pervious question (I went off on a tangent, I know) has ANYONE's metabolism been restored to normal??????




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