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Re: TANKING ON BUPE - help shelliR

Posted by Zo on September 28, 2001, at 0:53:50

In reply to Re: TANKING ON BUPE - help Zo, posted by shelliR on September 25, 2001, at 22:38:11

> You say vicodin pooped out the same way as bupe, >but your description of what happened on the bupe >didn't sound like poop-out. Sounded more like a crash .

Shelli, You're right, but that may be because I took relatively small amts of Vicodin, whereas the Bupe was a full therapeutic program

> It seems like when you started bupe, you did feel a >high. I don't know if you remember. The rap on bupe is >that it does not cause any drug high.

Oh sure. I was high as a kite, my head filled with warmth, and I told myself Isn't this a nice therapeutic reaction. But what this episode has revealed is that my manic highs are 1. somewhat atypical, because I don't get high enough to be concerned. I just feel good and centered and go about my business. . .instead of being a lump of Chronic Fatigue. I noticed my posture was greatly improved too, drat. Because
2. I lie a little about my manias. A little of denial, or hell, I'd be happy to be high the rest of my life, what's left, I've felt like shit for so long.

So there was a true and horrendous crash, because Bupe put me on a true manic-depressive course, ending in Mixed States. And on one of the mixed days, I watched my mood turn to up in 10 minutes, and had done nothing. So this has been a major turning point in my dx life, we've been after this for 8 years. . And I don't know how much would relate to you.

> I'm trying to determine whether it is worth pressing my >pdoc into letting me try bupe so I can compare it to >oxycontin. To see if it would help my depression >without the high and without developing a tolerance.

You know, I just don't see the harm in that. What's the downside? So you get a break from Oxy . .I get very suspecious when pdocs *don't* want you to experiment, because I'd never have made it this far without.

>My pdoc thinks that the likelihood is just as great that >tolerance would develop with bupe, and it would have >greater side effects.

And my pdoc, who is one of the pre-eminent Behavioral Medicine guys on the West Coast, says in his experience, bupe's got a pretty good tolerance level. The side effects for me were dryness and a little nausea. Plus being stoned out of my gourd, of course, but I'm assuming that wouldn't happen to a non-BP.

> When I take my second dose there is some overlap, it is >late afternoon, and it is a nice time for a high.

I never got the second-dose high. I warn you tho, if you're underweight, I had NO interest in food. .

> Anyway, I not still not convinced that opiates are the >way to go for me, but I am interested in buprenorphine.

Sorry, I don't remember your dx. . .but there is no doubt some have an opiate depression, and the only way I know to be certain is to try the avail. opiates. I've done that with lots of meds, backward dxed ADD.

Hope this helps, glad to talk more,




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