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Re: long term use of parnate parnate w resperidol SLS

Posted by on September 26, 2001, at 2:46:49

In reply to Re: long term use of parnate parnate w resperidol, posted by SLS on September 25, 2001, at 17:03:20

Hi Scott: Thanks for reply, I cut pieces just
because it's 12:30am and I have to sleep soon ...

If not for hair loss I'd up P to 100 every day, love it.
> Do you mean to tell me that you plan to mix Nardil + Parnate?!
Sorry for the cursory abbrevation. P if for
Provigil, which I take 50-100mg + Nardil 60mg + Klonopin 2.5-2.75mg
I did just notice the comment few posts back about Parnate
and hair loss!! I've taken Parnate: I don't seem
to get hair loss from any MAOI's, but Provigil and Wellbutrin
nail my hair - which I really don't like because they
both go *real* well with nardil 60mg + klonopin 2.5-2.75mg for me
(either Provigil and/or Wellbutrin in *very* low dose)
Provigil 50-100mg like I take now or Wellbutrin 25mg/day or even less.
I stopped Wellbutrin because it was worse with the hair loss.
Plus I take propecia for hair loss many years now so what a pickle!
My SP treatment works better without propecia,
but the hair goes. (my sex drive goes real high and I am high
energy all the time etc, everything seems almost totally normal
from a pre-drug state of "very severe" social anxiety.

Hair + good treatment or no hair + great? So far I've
kept the hair. Maybe should go baldy?? :)

Have you ever combined these drugs before? What dosages did you use? I've brought this idea up with two of my previous doctors, but they were not willing to entertain the idea.
No - it has never been reported to my knowledge. 3 reported cases of
eldepryl + parnate are on record - 2 leading to severe hypotension.
I once added very low Zyprexa (2mg) to Nardil 60 + Klonopin 4.5. As I thought I quickly got very sedated. I then added 150 Wellbutrin. God I felt so awesome, energetic and social. I remember going to the gym and talking to people (girls and guys alike) whenever I felt like it.
Dexedrine (which I flushed down the toilet because I was up all night and depressed next day) was in
retrospect also great augment. The whole day with my girlfriend we were out and around and I was so animated and sociable.
The only reason I tried it was to be prosexual. Well it increased libido and delay both. So kind of a tie there.
My side effects currently are mild and reversible if desired prn.
However, there are some but if I stop finasteride (propecia) there are *no*
sexual side effects. I know because I've tried it. It takes a few days off
propecia. 4 to be exact. But I already notice hair receding.
I shouldn't complain I have this tendency to not be satisfied with things in general.
I think it may be the most important thing I need to work on at this point.

My most amazing effects have lasted short term during changes. I notice the Parnate and Lamictal. The latter is one of few I've not tried and would have already if not for the rash and (possibly hair loss?) which I am concered about. I like the dopaminergic sounding profile of lamictal.
> For me, both Risperdal and Zyprexa produced a significant improvement very briefly while I was taking Parnate 80mg (along with Lamictal 300mg and desipramine 300mg). It felt pretty good at first. After a few weeks, though, I began to feel very spacy and lost most of the improvement. However, I am extremely refractory to treatment, and don't make a good example of a drug's potential to produce results.

Yes indeed. I liked neurontin in some respects but I found that it had some sexual side effects.
Also was sedating and sort of made me out of it. Klonopin seems better on all accounts except is prosexual at least for libido and inhibition.
Neurotin was particularly disappointing for me in that it seemed to blunt augmented dopaminergics (ie; wellbutrin).
For this reason I could see it being a great med for mood stabalizing, but since I want dopamine boost it seemed very unproductive.
Still, very relaxing and feel good type med, and I used it while tapering down Klonopin rapidly after 3 years of 4.5mg to my current 2.5. Was very
helpful there, where I cut down 1.0mg per week. Serzone also helped. In fact going down was not very difficult at all, even that rapidly after
long term high dose klonopin, using those 2 meds adjuncted.
> As far as SP is concerned, have you tried adding Neurontin to your recipe?
Sorry - went on long time.

> - Scott




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