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Re: SAD light boxes-- where to buy, what do they cost?

Posted by susan C on September 25, 2001, at 18:22:28

In reply to SAD light boxes-- where to buy, what do they cost?, posted by PhoenixGirl on September 25, 2001, at 16:52:05

hi, I know this may sound contradictory, but, then, sometimes, I am. Some times LIFE is... My previous pdoc and I concluded none of my symptoms indicated SAD. But, I decided to try a light box anyway. To paraphrase mark twain, can't hurt, might help.

Previous pdoc said all of his research and experience indicated that 4 full spectrum flourecent tubs in a regular ceiling fixture sitting in front of you on your desk (? inches away from your eyes) was cheaper and the same as the fancy things sold as SAD light boxes. I did research on the net anyway and decided that I did not want to build a box. I decided on the box I got because of the combination of size, where it would go, how far away I would be sitting and it still be effective and of course, price. The bulbs in the light boxes give out more light than ones I could have bought separately in less space.

I originally got information on this from my eye doctor as he had been trying out a visor type and found it effective and useful because he could continue his morning routine (not sitting in one place) and still get the extra light. They are more expensive.

The number one thing I discovered after using it was I am getting old and I need more light to see!! and that our house in general does not have enough light during the winter. I did not notice any particular change in mood as a result of using it. I did, however, after this last major bout of depression mania and starting depakote wonder about circadian rythmns with my new pdoc and noticed a sensitivity to light, avoiding the lightbox light (it was too much with summer sun light) I live in the NW. And started my evening routine this summer by making sure I preceeded bed time by darkness and keeping lights off after 8 or so, letting the natural light be my guide. I also noticed problems with bright light outside during the day and have added wearing sunglasses to wearing a broad brimmed hat...So, now I am the opposite of SAD, where bright light activates me....? Like I said this sounds contradictory.

You can do a google search - sad light boxes. Apollo, Full Spectrum Solutions all have information and lots of choices. YMMV. This site has a comparison chart:

Thank you for bringing this up. I went to look at my box and THERE IS NO lable on it telling me who made how am I going to replace the bulbs if I need to, and I just purged my email records..and and and...

So, there you are. Hope you are doing ok. I have been reading your posts on ECT. It was considered for me, but I may have seizures and current doc doesn't support getting more seizures and I considered signing up for the magnetic thing and talked to researcher who advised against it as it would require me going off all meds. Even though it is still experimental, it is not as experimental as it was two years ago. Have you looked at Alpha Stim 100? it sounds kookie, but, it worked for me for a while.

a mouse rambling in the dark
susan c

> Dark gloomy weather is going to start again soon, and I know how much more miserable that makes me. I'd like to get a "light box", or whatever you call them, that are used for seasonal affective disorder. In fact, I'd like to get them in light bulb form for work if available, and in the bigger "light box" form. Does anyone know how effective they are, where to buy them, and how much they cost?




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