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Re: long term use of parnate parnate w resperidol

Posted by SLS on September 25, 2001, at 17:03:20

In reply to Re: long term use of parnate parnate w resperidol SLS, posted by on September 21, 2001, at 3:09:09

Hi KregPark.

I'm sorry for not responding to your post sooner. I guess I just got

> I've wondered about Parnate and low dose Z or R.
> I've taken Nardil 90mg alone (good for 2 years
> but tired of sexual side effects similar that
> I get with Celexa 20, or Paxil 30...etc.)
> Tried all kindsastuff, liked Nardil medium 60mg
> plus KLonopin 4.5 (therapeutic) for several years
> then lowered to 2.5 Klonopin and found throwing in
> low dose provigil 50-100 (N60+K2.5+P50-100) works
> pretty well. If not for hair loss I'd up P to
> 100 every day, love it. Might up Nardil a bit
> with P actually.

Do you mean to tell me that you plan to mix Nardil + Parnate?!

I've heard of this being done by two posters here (I don't think you were one of them), but I didn't feel that I could rely on their accounts. Have you ever combined these drugs before? What dosages did you use? I've brought this idea up with two of my previous doctors, but they were not willing to entertain the idea.

For me, both Risperdal and Zyprexa produced a significant improvement very briefly while I was taking Parnate 80mg (along with Lamictal 300mg and desipramine 300mg). It felt pretty good at first. After a few weeks, though, I began to feel very spacy and lost most of the improvement. However, I am extremely refractory to treatment, and don't make a good example of a drug's potential to produce results.

> Anything else you like, is it for SP?

> Anyhow, really curious to hear how Parnate
> + Z or R goes.

I think both Risperdal and Zyprexa are worth considering. They definitely work as adjunctive medication in the treatment of depression. I can't commit to saying that either would be equally effective for SP because I don't recall reading about anyone who has tried it. Risperdal can sometimes be activating or produce anxiety early in treatment. Zyprexa is less likely to do this, and my gut feeling is that it would be a better choice for someone having social anxiety. I know someone who was refractory to treatment (depression) for many years who is now back to work as the result of the improvements produced from adding Risperdal to her antidepressant treatment.

> Scott - if you don't mind, how do you like
> Nardil versus the Parnate + Z / R??

I think it is perfectly reasonable to opt for trying Parnate + Zyprexa in an effort to find an effective treatment that doesn't affect you sexually. If P + Z works well, and weight gain becomes a problem, I would switch from Zyprexa to Geodon to see if it is equally effective. However, I think it makes sense to try Zyprexa first. It's a more proven product. I think the bulk of the weight-gain produced by Zyprexa involves an increased intake of calories due to increased appetite rather than a metabolic effect, even though the drug can wreak havoc with glucose/insulin dynamics in some people.

If Nardil worked so well for you, you may not have any better choice than to return to it. Even though Nardil gets the headlines for SP - and deservedly so - I was told that some people responded equally well with Parnate. I don't know enough about social anxiety disorders to offer you good advice.

As far as SP is concerned, have you tried adding Neurontin to your recipe?

- Scott




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