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Re: more stuff -- Shelli and Elizabeth

Posted by Lorraine on August 29, 2001, at 10:43:17

In reply to more stuff -- Shelli and Lorraine, posted by Elizabeth on August 29, 2001, at 8:45:42

[re kids not wanting to grow up] > > > I hadn't really thought of it [as fear of being an adult] before--except in the context of choosing schools for them and deciding not to put them in an AP mill school because childhood is important to protect from adult pressures until necessary.
> I can understand the idea of not wanting to put too much pressure on kids. But at the same time, I strongly believe that it's very important for gifted children to get an education that's appropriate to their intelligence. If you try to hold them back, it's likely that they will be very bored and may lose their intellectual curiosity and enthuasiasm. I think there's enough peer pressure on smart kids to be average or "normal" (as opposed to being nerds or whatever) -- the last thing they need is to get pressured to be average by adults, too.

elizabeth: I think this has changed so much from when you were a kid (even though it's not that long ago) at least in the major cities. In Los Angeles, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on the kids (in the private schools) to perform. I have a friend whose child is clearly gifted who has him in a regular private school--it's really fine, I think. I know this kids really well (since he was 3); he's in junior high now. Even kids in the public school system go to gifted magnets that are really super. At my son's school, the peer pressure is to be smart. That's why my son (was has a learning disability but is smart) pulled all A's and one B+ and then decided to go for honors Algebra in the fall (which meant that he had to study every day this summer with his father for 1-2 hours). This because he wants to be in the same classes as his friends. These, by the way, are the jocks of the school also. But I am talking private schools so...

> > > I actually think it would be better for him to see a psychiatrist who could make a recommendation as to whether he needs meds than to try to treat him yourself.

A little reluctant to do that now. I think I'll give the cognitive therapy a chance. The guy who he is seeing is great. Worked with Beck (the father of cognitive therapy) and co-wrote some books with him. My son is pretty excited because these are real life strategies that they are working on.

> > > But you have been on parnate such a short time.
> >
> > Almost a month (can you believe that?)
> At what dose, though? I mean, seriously, you shouldn't expect something to work at a subtherapeutic dose just because you've been taking it for a long time.

I haven't jumped ship yet. I was on 10 mg for 2 weeks, then upped it to 15 mg for the last 2. I'm playing it by ear; although I probably need to go up another 5 mg at some point. Headaches gone, rash abating--the only issue is sleep.

> > The headaches seem to have abated and if the rash goes away, then I'll continue with it for longer. The other side effect is just a lithargy in the afternoon--when my blood pressure seems to dip (93/56) so maybe salt tablet and water?
> I don't know how to deal with the afternoon fatigue that seems like a universal side effect of MAOIs. (I think this subject merits a separate thread, actually.)

I'll split this off into a separate thread. I did some reading on low blood pressure and it seems like it's a fit--especially because mine dips after eating when the little blood in your system heads to the stomach.





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