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Re: Update Elizabeth

Posted by shelliR on August 7, 2001, at 20:26:45

In reply to Re: Update shelliR, posted by Elizabeth on August 7, 2001, at 8:31:56

> So Valium works for you for panic attacks? That's weird. How much do you take?
I generally don't have panic attacks; they are more heavy duty dissociative attacks combined with anxiety. I don't know if I ever had a panic attack without concurrent dissociation. Valium has the effect of grounding me, and doing it within a short period of time. Between 5 and 10mg generally does the trick.

> > My therapist said on the phone over the weekend that I was exhibiting addictive behavior; I replied that
> > I was exhibiting the behavior of someone horribly depressed who is trying to stay alive and *really* doesn't
> > want to go into the hospital *again*.
> I really don't think your therapist is in a position to make value judgments like that.
I'll reply to that when I process all that you guys have said about her behavior and when I have more time to write. It is getting dark and I have to go turn into a pumpkin...uh, I mean printer.
> > I asked my pdoc about a switch to buprenorphine instead of oxycontin because of the less addictive possibility, but
> > he didn't think it was worth it. (See I was trying to show my non-addictive behavior. :-) )
> Jeez. I think he's probably right, although you might try switching to buprenorphine if the OxyContin loses its effect: I think you're less likely to become tolerant to buprenorphine. (I could be wrong about that, of course. I've never even taken oxycodone.)
Well, I've already become tolerant to oxy in that it's taking 3 a day rather than two to eradicate the depression. But he doesn't seem concerned. (I wonder if anything concerns this guy?) Actually I think I have to be just as vigilent in observing myself in relation to prescribed drugs as I do when the drugs are not prescribed. I saw my gyn today and she agreed that habituation is not the worst thing in the world. I LOVE her. She is very open, and very informed. Sees shades of gray. The best type of physician.

> > So I am still with my therapist (she didn't really believe he'd add more oxy as a prn), and we've agreed not to talk
> > about medication.
> That's probably for the best. Your therapist isn't an MD, is she? (For a while I was in the odd position of seeing an MD therapist and another MD for meds.)

Well, they're doing pilot programs where psychologists are doing an extra two or three years post doc and can prescribe meds. I think the pilot studies are being done in the army. My therapist will be first in line if it comes to that. And guess what! I would not let her be my medicating psychologist. (surprise, surprise.) It's an interesting idea and I can see both possible good coming out of it, as well as possible problems. After all what will psychiatrists do then? Who will need them if psychologists will do the same thing as a lesser fee. Elizabeth, you better think about this! Though the APA is such a strong lobby, I'll be surprised if it gets put into effect; my good friend who is a psychologist thinks things look headed in that direction. It's a complicated thing, I think.
> This stuff is very foreign to me. How does one "work on attachment issues?" (And what are attachment issues, anyway?)
see reference to a psychsocial babble thread ( if you're up to reading about transference/countertransference/attachment issues).

> What's your therapist's approach/school of thought, if you know?
Really a mixture, although she works a lot with dissociative disorder using hypnosis and now more often EMDR. And she deals with what is immediate first, like how are you going to get through tomorrow if you're fall apart, and uses a cognitive approach in many instances. I would hope she would adapt to the needs of the client, but I don't see her of course with anyone else.
> > But I do feel a lack of respect for me eminating
> > because of the codone/contin and have felt it before regarding several things I've done that she strongly disagrees with.
> Therapists aren't superhuman. They make judgments and have subjective opinions just like everybody else does.

> > Have you felt anything different yet, since halving your dose? (i.e., not as well?)
> Yes; it doesn't seem to be helping as much. I hope that I can find a level that isn't toxic but still works.
When is your pdoc coming back? Are you presently doing therapy also?
> Looking at later posts:
> > > I've never tried getting medication from outside the U.S.
> Is that because you'd have to pay out of pocket?
> That, and the hassle. A lot of things. If it were something truly distinctive then I might consider it, but just for a different (and possibly less effective) formulation of a drug I can get here? Nah. I have thought about asking my pdoc if he'll show me how to give it to myself IM so that I don't have to do the whole lying down thing in the middle of the day.

It's actually not much of a hassle getting drugs outside the country. Less hassle than giving yourself a shot, I would think.
Would you do this if you were out? I mean lying down is pretty easy when you're home, right!





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