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Re: DID, MDs, DSM, EMDR, etc. Lorraine

Posted by shelliR on August 1, 2001, at 11:13:06

In reply to Re: DID, MDs, DSM, EMDR, etc. shelliR, posted by Lorraine on July 31, 2001, at 23:04:47

> > > >You might also want to read the book I mentioned before "the Magic Daughter: A Memoir of Living with Multiple Personality Disorder " by Jane Phillips. She is a university professor, writes anonymously, and I think gives a good idea of how it feels to try to work and be multiple.
> I think I'll order this book--it sounds interesting.

I hope you like it; tell me what you think after you've read it.

> Solomon, the author of The Noonday Demon, also speaks highly of EMDR. Enough so that I have thought of pursuing it--although, honestly, I think I have uncovered all my childhood stuff and talked it to death so I'm not sure it would add anything new.

I wouldn't go looking for new trauma unless you feel that there is something unresolved that is contributing to your depression.

> Shelli--how do you go about finding a body therapist?

I started thinking about it and I don't remember how I even heard of body therapy. I got the name of my body therapist from a training center for body work near me. I asked them if they had any names of people who had specifically worked with trauma, and they gave me the name of one of their instructors. And she was so good. Then when I wanted to start again, I got names from her, because she is almost an hour away, and also charges $125.00. She has a phd in counseling which does me no good insurance wise. I did try a social worker trained in body work, but I didn't like her approach--she tried to make me talk too much, like what color is the depression, what shape, etc., etc. and it didn't feel helpful. With the two body therapists I liked, I did end up talking alot (me & kids), but it was much more organic; we talked because we wanted to say something, tell her what things were happening in my body when she touched us, rather than answer questions that I couldn't relate to.

Is your depression centered in a specific area of your body?

> When they reach a certain age, do they become integrated into your personality?

I really have no idea how it will happen and if it will happen. My therapist said that if that was the only issue left for me (kids inside), and everything else was worked through, she wouldn't keep me in therapy for that reason.

> That is a bummer. I think (but don't know) that you should have your estrogen levels taken before they put you on estrogen to make sure that you don't get estrogen dominance. I mean didn't the study deal with women who were deficient in estrogen?

Yes, and I guess I assumed that my estrogen had dipped because of my age, but maybe it hasn't. Again no other signs until last month I just spotted, didn't have a real period, but then this week got it again regular. I have an appointment with my gyn next week and I'll discuss it with her. I have stopped the estrogen, at least until I talk with her.
> I hope your dip is momentary, Shelli, and you bounce back, switching drugs is a PITA. Day one on Parnate was not good--muscle tension in my back, hyperventilating starting up again--then holding off on the Neurontin to get a sense of the drug on its own, then taking a considerable amount of Neurontin (am and pm doses in rapid succession). Oi! I think I will be sea sick. Let's hope tomorrow I can gain a better footing with this new combo.

How are you doing on day two of Parnate? With nardil, I had zero side effects from the beginning. Maybe others on the board can be helpful with knowing whether it took a while to adapt to parnate. You might ask, or first search the archives. I've never adjusted to any medication which gave me side effects at the beginning, but lots of people on the board have had the experience of it taking time to adjust to a med which turned out to be a success. I hope you're in that category. If not, there's always nardil.

I do believe that I will either go back on nardil with concerta, or start parnate next week when the prozac is cleared out. I just took concerta (had already taken oxy a few hours ago) to see how I do on the two of them together. Today's the only day this week I can afford to lose so that's why I decided to do try it.

take care, shelli




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