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Re: I'll hold your hand if you'll hold mine » Elizabeth

Posted by Lorraine on July 14, 2001, at 22:30:43

In reply to Re: I'll hold your hand if you'll hold mine » Lorraine, posted by Elizabeth on July 12, 2001, at 19:30:57

> > Luck. I also found out that a supplement called stablium stopped me from "skin picking". > Hee hee. Do you know what the active (?) ingredients in "Stablium" are?

Garum Armoricum, a fish and salt preparation discovered by the ancient Celts as a food supplement to improve resilience to physical and emotional stress. An eight week, double blind, placebo controlled study showed Stabilium® 200- to be effective in reducing the discomfort experienced by college students before and during examinations. It was also effective in another double blind, placebo controlled study, concerning cognitive function, memory and fatigue in adults.*

> BTW, the skin picking is possibly a symptom of OCD (or subclinical OCD-spectrum syndrome). Stimulants could be expected to make it worse.

Some do; some don't. Dexidrine did; thyroid T3 did; selegiline does. But I don't think Adderal does.

> > [re: Desipramine might be too activating.] I haven't generally been too activated by my meds--usually it's been the other way around.

Now that I think about this statement, I can't say that it is true. The problem is that I am sensitive to overactivation and underactivation. Sedation seems the worst and my depression is a lack of energy. But I think the hyperventilation is worse when I am activated. So who knows--it's a d****** if you do, d****** if you don't situation.

> I sort of have that problem with buprenorphine, too: the effective dose causes psychomotor agitation (although that smooths out after a while, and benzos help with it too).

This sounds familiar.

> It's because of the atypical-like symptoms. My guess could be wrong: I knew one woman who seemed to have pretty clear-cut atypical depression but who responded well to nortriptyline (for panic, depression, and alcoholism, with low-dose Xanax).

I'm sorry, what do you mean atypical-like symptoms.

> About the MAOIs: Parnate might be better for you than Nardil because Nardil has a high rate of weight gain. Some people are overstimulated on Parnate, but since this isn't generally a problem for you, I think it's a minor concern.

What about Nardil with a stimulant?

> Side effect sensitivity is very common among people with panic disorder, but it's not limited to anxiety disorders. The "somatic attunement" you mention may have been a symptom of a predisposition to anxiety.

Ain't that a b****. I suspect your right though. Still wish I hadn't opened that particular pandora's box.

> >I just don't want to get your hopes up about desipramine.

Yeah, me too I guess.

How is Desipramine working for you now?

> Hey! There's, uh, some logic to my medication choices. < g > Seriously, I wanted you to know that you can make logical choices too, that you don't just have to spin the roulette wheel.

I don't know, it feels pretty roulettish to me. No one knows how these drugs work. No one knows the mechanism of depression. No one know why one drug is more likely to work for a person than another (with few exceptions--like now i know SSRI's don't work, but TCAs--wont know till I try them, MAOs--wont know till I try them. All in all pretty frustrating. And while my pdoc is open minded and adventurous (which helps with TRD), I don't see a real plan of attack and I'm really at a loss on how to find another pdoc who maybe has a more concrete method of action BUT who is open minded as well (eg will LISTEN and respect what I have to say). The pdoc I had before this watched me gain 40 lbs on EFFexor and lose my sexuality and told me that was the price of remission. When I suggested adding in a stimulant, she absolutely refused. So there I was with a very unhappy hubby and an unsympathetic pdoc. I went off the Effexor (which no longer works for me) and fell back into my little cradle of despair. I'm near UCLA, which would be an obvious choice, but I don't want to pick a random name out of the hat and then find out that I'm stuck with someone who has a frame of mind that prevents them from listening and learning themselves. Sometimes, I wish I was stupid so I'd be oblivious to all this, but then when I slip into depression I literally feel my IQ going down and I feel stupid, but I KNOW that I am stupid so it doesn't work out that well if you know what I mean. < vbg > or < vbc > (very big cry).

Wasn't it the Pretenders who said "stop all you sobbing on me". Sorry--long rant.





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