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Re: Effexor Long term usage

Posted by SLS on May 31, 2001, at 7:09:12

In reply to Re: Effexor Long term usage, posted by mstar on May 30, 2001, at 16:51:04

> Scott & Paul,
> Both of your posts were very insightful for me.
> Here's what I've gone through. I saw some improvment at the 150 (I was at it for 3 weeks) but I recently my big problems from depression was the fatigue and memory. My doc uped it to 225mg. I have never had memory and concentration problems before, but I can't remember very simple things that I have told people and end up repeating myself.
> I am going to get a thyroid test in a couple of weeks, thanks for the info.
> Ms

Hi there Ms.

I might not be understanding you correctly. Are you saying that Effexor is producing memory impairments?

How much worse are your memory impairments now at 225mg than they were at 150mg? I have no reason to believe that Effexor is not capable of producing memory impairments. I haven't focused enough of my attention on Effexor to have noticed it as being a side effect. I guess I should do a little homework.

Thanks for any input you can give me.

Begin pontificating:

For anyone reading this thread, these are powerful chemicals we are subjecting our brains and bodies to so as to treat a very debilitating and often life-threatening set of illnesses. As is with many, many different drugs used to treat many, many different illnesses, they are capable of producing unpleasant, if not serious side effects. Psychotropic drugs are not unique in this aspect. Aspirin can cause serious bleeding ulcerations of the stomach and intestines. Ibuprofen can too. Tylenol can produce serious liver damage that is sometimes fatal. Cancer drugs can cause one to lose all of their hair. Penicillin can produce fatal anaphylactic allergic reactions. Cortisone can produce glaucoma and cataracts (as well as depression and psychosis). I'll let a pharmacist fill in the rest. It might be worthwhile to surf websites dealing with drugs in general and those that focus on specific diseases. It would serve to help put into perspective the place psychotropics have in the world of ubiquitous medication side effects.

Prozac and Effexor have side effects. So what?

It is not my agenda to coax people into subjecting themselves to drugs that have miserable and potentially fatal side effects when others exist that have none. Most side effects suck. I don't like them.

If anyone is interested in creating a list of genuinely effective treatment alternatives than those that are currently available for severe depression, psychotic mania, schizophrenia, etc., I would be grateful to be provided with one.

As always, one must make a judgment as to whether the potential benefits of using a medication are worth the potential risks. This is what the FDA attempts to do in the public interest. They mean well. Those who scream that drugs with side effects like Prozac and Effexor should not be marketed in the first place should also extol the virtues of government regulation. (not interested in starting another thread)

End pontificating.

Hopefully, we will soon have drugs that do not have side effects.

In the meantime, I intend to start taking Effexor sometime within the next week.

- Scott




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