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Re: can't we all be friends? Elizabeth

Posted by NikkiT2 on May 29, 2001, at 15:26:12

In reply to can't we all be friends? NikkiT2, posted by Elizabeth on May 29, 2001, at 12:23:32

It was in no way an attack on people who claim benefit, but the way she used her words made it osund like I had the option to fly off on holiday when ever I feel like it, which is very very untrue... I actually travel less than any of my friends on benefits... I am only *just* managing to hold my job down right now, and to be critisized for my one break, my one thing that has been keeping me alive recently felt very very unfair.

I am, as a rule, happy to be friends with anyone, but I also refuse to be treated as I did, just for mentioning I was having a holiday.. I meant it in a way that when you know something helps, yet it is not a good thing, I still try to stay away from it.. it was a comment that I know I can get something that can help me, but I know it will not be good for me long term.

She could ahve commented on my commentsd, but no, she chose to attack ME, and I refuse to sit back any longer and allow people to do that.


> > You know nothing about my circumstances or how damned hard I have worked just for 2 weeks in Thailand seeing a very very close friend.
> Nikki --
> I know this is a heated subject, and Diane was way out of line (and was blocked for it, as you probably noticed). I really don't think she really believes that you *shouldn't* get to go to Thailand. I think she felt angry and defensive; anger often makes people say things that they don't really mean.
> > I work hard to earn money, and have never asked the state (I'm in the UK) for anything. Why should I not have 2 darned weeks with a friend to try and help me. I doubt it will help me a huge amount, but it may give me two weeks of feeling lsightly better out of 10 years.
> I'm sincerely happy for you that you'll be able to go on what sounds like it will be a fun and relaxing vacation. My suggestion is that you not worry about whether this vacation will be "therapeutic," but just try to enjoy yourself to the extent that you are able.
> But I hope that you didn't mean this as a general put down directed at people who get assistance from the government. Mental illness has different effects on different people, depending on the severity and time course of the illness, whether and how thoroughly the illness is treated, the specific type of impairment that the person suffers as a result of the illness, whether the person has good social supports, etc. Some people don't have family to help them when they need a break and are too disabled to work; some have young children they need to provide for, and can't take the time off to go on a vacation even if they are able to work. I believe you when you say that you worked hard to be able to take this vacation. I just hope that you don't look down on people who aren't able to work to save up enough money to do special things like that.
> I sincerely mean everything I've said here -- please don't take any of it as sarcasm. I wish you a pleasant vacation and hope that you return feeling a little bit better than you have been.
> peace,
> -elizabeth




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