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Re: I think Celexa makes me worse. chloe

Posted by Mitch on May 28, 2001, at 12:24:16

In reply to Re: I think Celexa makes me worse., posted by chloe on May 28, 2001, at 10:53:19


1)CBT is short for cognitive-behavioural therapy (non-drug). It is used for management of anxiety/depressive disorders and can be very effective, BUT, you have to find the right therapist, spend some $$$, and do a LOT of it (close together), and it has to be structured and tailored just for the trouble that you have. If you have a lot of coexisting problems it might not work as well. I was considering it just for social anxiety/panic.

2) Adderall is an amphetamine stimulant used to treat attention deficit disorder (which I definitely DO have). If you were all uptight on Wellubtrin I doubt if this would help you much.

3) As far as dystonias go that is very interesting what you have described. Here is a list of the differing dystonic and other psuedo-parkinson type reactions from SSRI's that I have experienced:
Prozac: restlessness, choking sensations (but had the fewest extrapyramidal-like symptoms with it.
Zoloft: Jaw clenching, teeth grinding, restlessness
Celexa: restlessness and a little of the "tongue-thing" that you have described.
Paxil: HAD the WORST reaction to it of all of them-except I had trouble speaking as well.
Luvox: Bradykinesia (difficulty initiating movement) it was like taking Stellazine!!

I am VERY concerned about your skin conditions that you are describing. I would absolutely rule-out med involvement causing them before I would even consider Lamictal. You mentioned that Trileptal seemed to "take the oil out of your skin and made you feel like you had a sunburn". WOW, that is weird because I had a similar reaction to the Trileptal as well. It felt like my skin was *hot* and *dry*.

Given the skin things I really doubt if your pdoc will give you any Lamictal. He/she might want to get you off the Trileptal first (since that definitely is causing some kind of skin thing-that doesn't sound so good chloe), then after the Trileptal is washed out and your skin gets better, then maybe they can start a tiny dose of Lamictal (you said you are already taking some Neurontin+benzo-so maybe you won't get unstable from stopping the Trileptal)

Please be very careful with regards to your skin troubles,


> Mitch,
> I do tend to think the SSRI's make me worse without a major tranquilizer to counter that damned edgy, pressured feeling. And I can relate to the "dystonias." I am always clenching my teeth and my tongue never rest. It is always going back and forth on my lower teeth. Very annoying (and maybe not the TD from Mellaril).
> I too have tried Wellbutrin, no luck, just sweats and anxiety, Serzone, not good!, and I am very leary of Effexor and MAOI's. I am thinking maybe just a bit of SJW with the Lamictal. Maybe that would be enough to give me the positive outlook I get when my seratonin level is tweeked. Don't know if the pdoc will agree!
> I too have problems with my skin. Chronic ezcema makes it hard to know what is a "rash" and what is just my skin. The reason why I can't go up on Trileptal is that is has taken all the oil out of my skin til it hurts. I feel like I have a bad sunburn. And it gives me "folliculitis" where my hair follicles are so sensitive, I can't brush my (dried out) hair, or lie on a pillow.
> i think Lamictal, after the initial start up period, has a lower side effect profile than Trileptal. so if I could get on it very slowly, and avoid the rash, it might be a more tolerable mood stabilizer than Trileptal.
> I am not familiar with Adderall and what is CBT?
> Hang in there!
> Chloe




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