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Re: dopamine and crying

Posted by niss on May 21, 2001, at 14:10:04

In reply to Re: dopamine and crying niss, posted by Paige on May 20, 2001, at 19:43:52

>Hi Paige,

Thank you for your response. I was thinking about this yesterday while I was driving and then suddenly thought that maybe I was out of line. What do I know, right :) Anyway, I was also thinking that maybe that perhaps your hormones were out of to speak...possible?

Also, in regards to your current doctor. I have been told by doctors that actual psychiastrist's (pardon the spelling...just woke up..brain still slow) that they really are not the ones that should do the counseling (therapy work). The should prescribe the medication and that is it. Generally a counselor should be the specialist in the therapy area. which actualy might save you money. If you saw your psychiatrist once a month and a therapist once a week, that would be better. Many counselors work on a sliding scale.
Just something to think about :)

I hope you have a wonderful day :)


Hi Anissa,
> thank you for such a thoughtful email. I agree with all
> that you have mentioned. The key one for me is to
> be amongst people, but I need people I can trust.
> So yes I have alot of issues, mostly familial, but
> with a thick icing of pain and I get hurt easily and
> the crying really never has stopped its intensity
> for the last 4 years. I have a lot of hurt, that
> is the bottom line.
> I go to therapy right now 2x a month for 2hr visits
> when I can afford it. I see the shrink here and
> there (although I think he could help more) for
> meds, but I wish he would be a bit more human and
> talk like I am a person versus a molecule.
> I exercise mucho ( workout in the a.m. for 1 .5 hours)
> and I work outdoors, get all that sun and am a quasi-
> vegetarian to boot. I barely have a cocktail, and
> I have no other vice except for it appears, as of late,
> my pain. So I do all the right things and I am still
> a wreck.
> My dad was very depressed. My mother denies she ever
> was or could be. Father was an alcoholic..the rest
> is easy to figure out. SO, some genetics, some
> enviro.
> I just feel very sad, very lonely most if not 98%
> of the time and this contributes bigttime to
> my demise, I know this for sure.
> Well, then you got an earful....sorry about that. But
> I couldn't contain myself.
> Ya' know I volunteer for 4 hrs a week on an organic
> farm with the developmentally challenged/disabled
> (I don't know p.c. word) and this one woman said to me
> the other day (a resident who lived in London for
> 12 years before her parents sent her away to this place)
> "don't get your knickers in a twist." I just about fell
> into the compost bin. This is ultimately what
> I am trying to not to do, is get my knickers in a twist.
> I will add she said this when she saw me correcting some
> of her work because she can already tell I have a
> set of problems! I am compulsive, things need to be'as perfect
> as one can get them, especially plants if they are going to live!
> Thanks for your help. Keep in touch.
> tears today, not yet.




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