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Re: Tyrosine questions tresni

Posted by Sulpicia on May 11, 2001, at 21:36:38

In reply to Re: Tyrosine questions, Tresni and Sulpicia, posted by tresni on May 11, 2001, at 19:55:59

> > Tresni--
> > here's a link on DMAE
> >
> > It's not entirely safe *and* it doesn't look like we
> > know how it works.
> > Forgive me for asking the obvious but if you experience depression
> > along with ADD, like me and zillions of others BTW, why not try
> > anti-depress. meds?
> Hi Sulpicia,
> You know, I have wrestled back & forth with this option. I took Prozac in the 80s when it first came out, and I did Very Well on it. The part I hesitate about is the sexual dysfunction associated with SSRIs (I'm getting married in October!) I'm going to talk to my pdoc (i gather this is the abbreviation used for psychiatrist?) about Prozac on my next visit. It's looking like the good might outweigh the bad, so it's worth a try.
> > Your pdoc needs a bit of skill bcuz not all ADs go well with stimulants
> > but many people, myself included, do extremely well with this combo.
> Sounds hopeful...!
> > Aside from James' point above, supplements make me nervous bcuz there's
> > little to no regulation of them. For all you know you could be ingesting
> > powdered weasel guts.
> I've probably done worse ;)
> >I do realize that quality manufacturers can produce
> > superb products.
> > I'm also nervous about interactions with meds -- DMAE and ritalin can both
> > lower seizure thresholds in susceptible folks: what else tho? And tyrosine?
> > Have you tried the med checker at I *think* it does supplements
> > and vitamins, along with food and meds.
> Thanks for the link, I'm hungry for info!
> > Good luck and be careful.
> > S.
> Thanks!

Ditto on the SSRIs. Been there, in fact, precisely there. Did not like it
Currently I take a tricyclic called tofranil. They are older than the new
flashy meds and highly effective. Some people have trouble with the side
effects, which can include lightheadedness, dry mouth etc. It's also important
that your doc checks your heart since there is a *very* rare but dangerous
cardiac conduction problem that can happen.
I've seen nothing in the scientific literature about this but perhaps you might
find Dr. Steven Amen's website helpful. He has an on-line diagnostic test for what
he calls the different types of ADD/HD. I don't know about the validity of the tests
but his recommendations are interesting, especially in terms of AD suggestions.

There is also a site that was once mentioned -- for sure somebody on this board will
know it -- it tells you what kind of AD med you might do best on based on your specific
symptoms. Possible?

The other thing to try is a PubMed search on depression. Not for the faint of heart.
I've seen *early* results with inositol, SAMe, St. John's Wart etc. The studies are small
and frankly, if you were related to me, I'd try to talk you out of using anything but rx meds.

I've been dealing with depression for what seems like forever. Aside from AD meds as nessecary
the absolute BEST thing to prevent or relieve low-level depression that I've found is running.
I know this sounds weird, but coming from me, Ms. Science, Research, and Medicine, well... all I can
say is that it works. And lest you think it comes easy, I've been smoking since my early teens and am
NOT at all built for running.

I wish you the best. Do be careful.




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