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Re: mood disorders/klonopin,depakote,neurontin etc.... dove

Posted by Cece on March 9, 2001, at 13:15:54

In reply to Re: mood disorders/klonopin,depakote,neurontin etc.... Cece, posted by dove on March 9, 2001, at 9:09:51

Thanx for the thanks- I just discovered this board and jumped in about 3 weeks ago. It' been an incredible boost for me to have a new support system. As well-meaning as friends may be, no one really gets it who hasn't been there. And there is so much good info and so many knowledgeable people here! It's wonderful to be able to share my experiences.

Re Adderall: I just added it about 2 months ago- this after 8 years on mood stabilizers (changed/added to as new ones appeared promising). It has been part of a push (I'm pushing my pdoc), to clear my head of damn brain fog/grog. Lamictal was the first addition to help, several months later came my small dose of Adderall- as a result of a question as to whether I might have an ADD component going on, and it has helped me focus, and then most recently came the Levothroid (T4 thyroid, see my post: for info) which has helped my overall energy and feeling of well-being.

At the same time, I am slowly dropping out Klonopin which I have taken for a long time, am very sensitive to, and despite a tiny dose have suspected of holding me down in a negative way. I have also slightly reduced my dose of Neurontin, a drug that I love and will never give up, but think I was a bit over on.

So, I'm feeling better and better- but also Spring is my best season- v. complicated, isn't it?!

For myself, I do not think that Adderall would have been a good idea earlier on- I was too unstable. Several years ago, before I was on Neurontin and Lamictal, I tried Cylert to clear brain fog- it worked great for about a week, then sent me into a horrible hyper (not really hypo) nasty place that it took several weeks to come out of. But of course, it's not the same drug as Adderall.

If you trust your pdoc, I guess I'd trust the advice for the moment, but don't forget about Adderall- it seems to have helped a lot of people.

Good luck,

> > So, here's what I take (I've left out my allergy med and my hormone replacement- this is enuf to absorb!):
> >
> > Neurontin 300mg
> > Cytomel 10mcg
> > Lamictal 125mg
> > Depakote 125mg
> > Adderal 5mg (down from 7.5mg on 3/7)
> > Xanax .25mg
> > Levothroid 50mcg
> > Neurontin 300mg
> > Adderal 2.5mg
> > Xanax .25mg
> > Neurontin 300mg (down from 600 on 3/5)
> > Depakote 125mg
> > nortriptyline 40mg
> > Xanax .75mg
> > clonazepam .0625mg (down from .125mg 2/27, will go off on 3/9)
> > Topomax 12.5mg (since 3/5)
> > PRN:
> > Xanax .25- .5mg Q 4-6hr
> >
> I have a similar combo of meds, but haven't found the sweet spot quite yet. I was wondering about your feelings on Adderall, and what you feel and/or think it does for you. I was originally prescribed Adderall for ADHD, but when they decided to start working on the bipolar issues they said that many times Adderall has a slow-down effect especially when focusing on *not* inducing a manic session when trying to add AD's.
> So, I was just wondering if you had any feelings about it? I know it's *very* difficult to define which meds are doing what, so if this task seems to be just a little too discombobulated, just ignore my scribbling ;-)
> Thanks for everything you've shared so far, it is very nice to hear and learn from other people's experiences in regard to complicated dxes and complicated med-cocktails, thank you!
> dove




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