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Re: Withdrawal from LUVOX

Posted by grapebubblegum on February 17, 2001, at 7:58:17

In reply to Re: Withdrawal from LUVOX, posted by Dave@MT on February 16, 2001, at 23:51:23

It wasn't too long and rambling for me, Dave. I am having sleep problems now too, since upping my Zoloft dosage to 200 mg per day and some heart arrhythmias that may or may not be related, and I am thinking of switching to something else eventually (see my thread called "Panic Disorder Med: This Z or that Z?")

I still don't know what electric head really is. I am just a curious person. BTW, I never went back to that internal medicine Dr. who treated me like I was koo-koo. You are right on target when you say that generally these kind of dismissive answers reflect ignorance (which is ok; no Dr. can know everything) and indifference (not ok) on the speaker's part.

> > BTW means by the way, I think. Sorry to answer for you, Dave.
> >
> > I thank both of you for describing what I have never been able to get anyone to understand. Doctors think I am koo-koo for describing it; in fact one doctor said he would send me to a "psychosomatic clinic" for mentioning it.
> >
> > What causes this? Can anyone, doctor or not, answer it? I haven't taken Luvox except as an unsuccessful experiment, but I have been on and off Zoloft for a while, and if I remember correctly, I have experienced "electric head" while NOT on it.
> >
> > > Hi Dave!
> > >
> > > Didn't expect a reply so soon. My electric head isn't too bad yet. Early days as my last pill was tuesday I think. I find that crossing the road triggers it! (looking left and right) I have turned down a night out tonight.. Loud music, lights and a bar full of alcohol is not going to help.
> > >
> > > I got all tearful last night. Havn't had a good cry for MONTHS! Don't they say that crying reduces the levels of certain chemicals that would build up otherwise? That's why women cry more than men (and usually for no reason!) Men don't have such high levels of what ever it is. I have noticed another side effect of cutting down/stopping taking an SSRI is waking up in the night then not being able to get back to sleep. Was awake between 1.30am and 4.30am last night, for the second time this week.
> > >
> > > What do you mean by BTW? Bit confused there. Let me know hao you are getting on.
> > >
> > > Abbi.
> Hi Abbi and Grape
> Yes BTW is "by the way".
> Grape - don't ever let any doctor make you feel "koo-koo". The more I learn, the more I am convinced that some of these jokers have no clue - and possibly no real concern in some cases - what the effects of these powerful drugs are on their patients. The next time one of them suggest sending you to a psychosomatic clinic for a side effect which YOU are experiencing, just ask him or her what THEIR personal experiences with the drug's side effects have been! Perhaps after that they will not be so quick to discount what YOU are experiencing. Thanks for adding to my understanding, it helps a lot to know what others have been through.
> Abbi - I have been tapering off for about three weeks now. I went cold turkey last summer - I deliberately left my meds at home when I went on a weeklong backpacking trip. I figured if I went bonkers there wouldn't be too many people around to hurt! :-) (Just kidding!)
> In retrospect it was just too much to expect good results, going from a high dosage to zero in a few days. That was the first time I had experienced "electric head" almost continuously all day long for several days. Of course, I got no sleep at night either which just made it worse, and my emotions were on the raw side too. I was glad to get home and get back on the Luvox and get back to normal. The good thing was, I found out it wouldn't kill me, unpleasant as it was, and I realized that getting off the drug would probably have to be gradual and planned.
> So I went back on a full dosage till about 4 weeks ago. I have tapered off gradually to where I am just taking a sub-therapeutic dose now... down from almost 300 mg at the peak to less than 50 mg every other day or so. I didn't take any at all today, and had to put up with electric head all day, but I am fine right now.
> I should mention I am taking a very low dose of Trazedon at bedtime (currently 25-50 mg), and that makes all the difference for getting adequate sleep. The nights I take it, I usually sleep pretty good, some times a little groggy when I wake up. The nights I don't take it - no matter how tired I am - I too wake up at 1:30 or so with my mind racing and the night is then pretty much over as far as sleep is concerned!
> This is probably too long and rambling, so I'm sorry. It is just good to get some meaningful input on these things, thanks for your replies.
> Best regards
> Dave




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