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Re: Gabapentin/Xanax/Celexa?

Posted by SLS on October 22, 2000, at 17:36:33

In reply to Gabapentin/Xanax/Celexa? SLS, posted by Buffet on October 22, 2000, at 16:09:02

Hi Buffet.

I think you are on the right track pursuing an SSRI for seasonal mood problems. I'll defer comments regarding the differences between the SSRIs to others who have more experience in this area.

As far as Neurontin (gabapentin) is concerned, it is not metabolized by the body at all. The liver never sees it. It is excreted through the urine unchanged. It is simply flushed out.

- Scott

> .....
> > As is often pointed out here, there is nothing inherently wrong with "depending" on a drug, whether it be Prozac, lithium, Neurontin, or Xanax. Some people have to take these drugs for the rest of their lives. I'm not sure it makes sense to think of a benzodiazepine any differently than an SSRI. You need to take both regularly. If you stop either, there are significant withdrawal syndromes. I guess the real issue with a specific benzodiazepine is whether or not it has lost its effectiveness (tolerance) for you or if you don't like the way you feel while taking it. Without knowing anything about you, I would say that if your doctor feels Neurontin is worth a try, I would not be hesitant.
> > - Scott
> Thanks for the imput. The gaba part of its name rang a bell and i started to wonder. Do you or anyone else know how it is metabolized? I have read in other posts that it is metabolized by the liver. I have a semi-high liver function which does bother me a bit, but at the time the test was taken I was drinking and abusing other abusables...but I'm clean now, except for my nasty benzo habit! - :) No, I know there is nothing wrong with being dependant upon a drug as long as it is helping you to function. I guess my problem is the tolerance issue, liver load, and immediate and very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms associated with alprazolam. Also, I can't get refills! I have to call the doc once a month to get it called into the pharmacy, and if I forget to call, or if the doc forgets to call (this happens all the time) I go cold turkey for a day or so.
> Now, it is also starting to turn into winter and as usuall my mood is going to hell. I'm thinking of switching back onto an ssri (again). How does Celexa work in comparision with prozac and zoloft? Proxac has a long duration, zoloft kicks in within a few days, so is Celexa more on the prozac or zoloft side? Is it an energizing AD like Prozac and Zoloft? Should I even be comparing it to them? Notice I'm leaving paxil out of the equation here because of its side effects - > drowsiness, fatigue, etc. I've tried almost all other AD's and the ssri's work the best for me. My list - prozac, zoloft, wellbutrin, paxil, effexor, amitriptylin, trazodone, depakote, ativan, xanax, ritalin, and buspar.
> Need as much info on celexa (personal experiences from people who have had positive to ok experience with prozac, zoloft and then switched to celexa). I need a side by side comparision.
> Also, any more info on gabapentin (dosage) would be helpful.
> I am going to see a pdoc in about two weeks and need to get fixed before attempting school again starting this winter.
> Thanks all, and Scott for the GAb info
> Buffet.




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