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Re: Doc Gave Me an Antipsychotic - Am I crazy?

Posted by pullmarine on October 16, 2000, at 23:26:49

In reply to Doc Gave Me an Antipsychotic - Am I crazy?, posted by GLYN on October 16, 2000, at 19:33:12

-He has now recommende a drug called thioridazine (brand name Melleril) for the anxiety symptoms since he says he NEVER gives benzodiazapines anymore.

1. If he's not giving you benzo's, he's one hell of a good doctor!!!

-It has s\cared me to get this drug and I'm terrified of taking it since it says that it is an antipsychotic and used primarily for schizophrenia.

2. anti-psychotics are used for many different reasons, one of them being anxiety.

-I thought I just had agorophobia and panic attacks but I do worry that the doc thinks I am going nuts and might hurt people which is why he gave me this.

3. If you're doc suspected anything like this, he make sure you were under adequate supervision.

-Then I though that if I thought that then I must be paranoid too and the anxiety has spiralled. Is it normal to use this for anxiety?


Has anybody else used it?


Any scary side effects?

>Not at such low doses.

I basically wont be using it and my doc can can shove it for all I care because this stuff freaks me out.

>your body, your mind, your moods, and your choice!

Is it fair to assume that whatever chemical it reduces in the brain (also connected to psychosis) will return with a vengance when I stop using it?

> NO! Absolutely not!!!

I dont want to start seeing aliens or hearing voices because my mind is dependant on a drug that has screwed up my chemical imbalance.

>That will not happen. If it does, sue your doc for every penny he's got.

IS there a good and simple test to determine if I am crazy?

>What do you mean by crazy? It's a term no one seems to be able to define.

I know I'm not but I have been worrying about it since this drug was prescribed. Surely if I was crazy I would not fear being crazy but instead be convinced of my delusions and be afraid of them instead.

>I think your having a great deal of anxiety (often a result of stress, and sometimes just part of one's nature), which does not mean you're crazy.

Please offer me some advice and be honest.

>a. Perhaps you should try the meds, and if they don't suit you, you can always stop or try something else.

b. If you don't take the meds, your anxiety will go away at somepoint anyway, but it may get much worse before it gets better.

c. stay away from all illegal drugs until your anxiety is under control.

d. If your anxiety is mild, exercise, yoga and meditation (or praying) can help. but in your case, your anxiety seems too high.

best of luck. and let us know how things go.





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