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Re: Adderall availability in Australia?

Posted by stjames on September 13, 2000, at 23:04:46

In reply to Re: Adderall availability in Australia? stjames, posted by ChrisB on September 13, 2000, at 11:50:27

> Now that I know what its like for the first time
> in my life to be able to concentrate Ill never be able to go back
> to having to be "dumb" again for the rest of my life. And work in unskilled jobs for the rest of my life.
> Sorry about the life
> story just needed to vent a bit.I wish I could
> offer you some helpful advice as well. Seems all
> I can do is take at the moment.

James here.....

I case you have not noticed I like to help. You sound like my brother,
he is brilliant but few know it. he will not take meds and has gotten no
treatment as he is 7 yrs older than I and there was no treatment in the 1950-1960's.
No one realizes their pool boy and yard man has a very advanced sence of the esthetic
and a high IQ. He does all the stupid things, and cannot add 2 + 2 sometimes.

I degress. Here in the states when we say Dexadrine we gererally mean
Dexadrine SR, slow release. I suspect when you say dextroamphetamine
you mean non slow release. I have mentioned b4 that I was a meth head,
a speed freak, for 2-3 yrs. Leave it to James to self medicate with the
most effective but dangerous drugs. I think you are right. Slow release
amphetamines avoid the initial rush and are smoother. My doc slipped me
none slow release and I had trouble with it. 20 mgs in the AM, all at once,
really was too much. the little speed voice that says "party, get down, take more, lets boggie"
that I did not hear on Dex SR was back. I gave my doc 28 days worth of dex
and 2 post dated scrips and got scripts for Dex SR.

So Adderal or Dexadrine SR would be the way to go.
If you have Dex SR (spansule) it is cheaper. Adderal is also
slow release. I had to find the right dose that was enough but not
too much that I started "speeding". Also too little, 10 mgs, puts me to sleep.
So I do 20 mgs AM and 15 mgs 12-1 PM. 35 mgs a day
and I don't notice I am on anything. No rush, which is very
addictive. 40 mgs/day is just a little too fast and that little voice
starts. If I keep it at 35 mgs/day I have never had a problem wanting to do more.
It is safe to say I have taken every class of illicits to the max and then put Pandora back
in the box and stopped when I realized it was not the answer.

I also find Effexor very much like a stim. Many report Welbrution
is like this. If you take AD's + stimulants often you need less of





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