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For Annie: about Trazodone

Posted by Donna Lynn on September 10, 2000, at 17:50:24

In reply to Re: Same side effects that I have, posted by annie8 on September 10, 2000, at 14:09:24

> could i hear more about the trazadone you are on? I took it last spring, just for sleep, it wiped me out for 4 or 5 hours or so, ( that was it which was wierd) my doctor prescribed it only for sleep... what dose are you on? any weight gain or sexual side effects? I have tried SO many drugs and had sexual side effects with them all!! except wellbutrin but that made me move my jaw like that guy you describe!!
> Hi Annie! Are you being treated only for depression, or the social squirrely's too? (like me). I should just call myself squirrely. Should put it on my license plate, huh? Love that word! Anyway, Trazodone has never given me sexual side effects at all, but I've never taken more that 100 mg of it. My depression comes and goes over the years, usually something has to trigger it. And once it comes back, I stick with meds for at least a year and then try to fly on my own. As for your question, the side effects I've had initially on traz is some dizziness for the first few days, a little nausea, and a little fatigue. But the reason I had that on such a small dose was because (stupid me) was taking it on an empty stomach! Thats a big no no. It'll throw you for a loop if you don't eat. But at bedtime I wasn't hungry, so I just took it without food. Once I took it with a few crackers or some cheese, I had NO side effects at all. And no change in sex drive. I started with 25mg for the first 2 days, moved up to 50 for a week, then up to 75 the next week. I'm hovering at the 75mg mark, all taken at bedtime. I didn't go any higher because I felt the depression lifting already, and the doc put me on Selexa (only took that for a week before I chucked them in the garbage) and now Serzone, 50mg am, then 50mg at dinner. But now I'm having some nausea that is problemsome.It's Pepto Bismol and coffee for me now. One to calm my stomach or else I'd starve to death, and the coffee is to wake me up !I'm very tired all day. So, I don't know what to do! It seems my body doesn't like me taking both. I might have to choose just one, but I don't know what to choose. The traz has no side effects for me and helps me sleep, but it doesn't do anything for my social phobia. On the other hand, the Serzone makes me feel like I have a major hangover all day and I'm miserable on it now, but I need to address my problem. Now you can help me figure out what to do next!

> could I get feedback about the trazadone you are on?
> thanks so much I really really appreciate it!
> > > being treated for depression for 4 weeks. i am taking 30 mg of celexa. i got the brainy idea i was cured and why the heck do i need MEDS! so i decided to go off them for two days......bad bad idea. dont know if i was going thru withdrawals or if my depression came back like someone openned the flood gates.!!?
> > > i feel dazed somewhat calmer but agitated on meds,
> > > i dont feel like a tightly wound ball of wire ready to burst anymore, not quite a 'zombie' but sorta in a peaceful non feeling state. OUCH! dont know how else to explain it but you all you that suffer from depression, you will know what i am trying to get at.
> >
> > You hit the nail on the head. Calm yet agitated. Exactly what I feel. I know EXACTLY what it feels like. I like to be calm and all, but I haven't lost my ability to get angry or frustrated or irritated. Hense, we are not zombies. My brain feels like it floats a little, but I like it. Makes my day a little more interesting. By the way, trazodone is great for me. My doctor wanted to try Prozac but I knew a guy who was on it and he walked around with his yap yapping (talk talk talk) never ever shutting up, and he chewed gum ferociously, like a mad cow. And I said, Yo what are you on?? And he said Prozac. And I said, wow I'll NEVER go on that. He'd tell total strangers about his most personal stuff in his life, his finances, it was like, hey don't tell people that stuff! Anyway, stick with your medication, give it a chance, depression can stay with you for a long time, let your doctor decide when you should try to fly on your own. How bad is your depression?




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